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In HON 110, First Year Seminar in Honors (FYSH) students learn about primary sources such as: rare monographs, maps, photographs, personal papers, reports, and city documents. To achieve this goal, FYSH teachers and their students were recently treated to a mini-tour of Lowell led by two UMass Lowell librarians: Martha Mayo and Anthony Sampas. First, Mayo, a UMass Lowell Special Collections librarian, hosted the students at the Center for Lowell History on French Street (

Martha showed the students the vast array of primary source materials available to them. Then Sampas, a UMass Lowell Archivist, led the class on a walking tour from the Center for Lowell History to Lowellís Victorian Era public library (the Pollard Memorial Library). Along the way, they learned about many historic locations: the Mill Agentís House on Kirk Street, Lowell High School, St. Annís Church, Monument Square, the Merrimack Canal, the underground Moody Street Feeder Canal, and the Lowell City Hall. The Pollard Memorial library is awe-inspiring, both inside and outside. Tony explained its history, its architecture, and its phenomenal art collection: particularly the enormous and imposing civil war paintings that fill the walls. He also highlighted primary sources that are unique to the library. All UMass Lowell students can freely acquire a Pollard Memorial library card to continue their studies.  Four separate tours were provided as multiple sections of FYSH took advantage of this opportunity. FYSH instructor Shanna Thompsonís class walked from campus to the Center for Lowell History via the beautiful Lowell Riverwalk. FYSH instructor, Stephen Courtemanche said, "The students had a great time and Tony is an encyclopedia of Lowell lore." An informative time was had by all. Thank you Martha Mayo and Tony Sampas!


Fasanella Comes Alive at UMass Lowell

This fall semester, a team of 14 UMass Lowell honors students are enrolled in a service-learning course called: Create it! The Fasanella Exhibit. By working together, and guided by professional curator Nancy Nesvet and UMass Lowell Cultural Studies faculty member, Jennifer CaderoGillette, the students will create a real Fasanella art exhibit at the Lawrence Thumbnail image for fasanella1.jpgHeritage Park gallery. The show must go on! It is scheduled to open October 12th, 2013 and it will run through Dec.16th. The course is an advanced practicum that creates and curates an art exhibition. It will focus on the work of social justice artist, Ralph Fasanella (1914-1987). Twelve original Fasanella paintings will be on display along with two portraits of the esteemed artist. The students are creating a 40 page, color glossy catalog of the artist's work, choreographing a ballet, creating music, and filming a documentary about the process of putting on the exhibit. The course incorporates readings, research, and reflection papers about how Fasanella depicted working class life in both Lawrence and Lowell. Students will consider the historical/cultural contexts of art objects as well as offer their scholarly and critical interpretation of american art during the 20th century. The show's opening will be covered by WGHB in Boston as well as other news outlets. Also providing significant help for this course are UMass Lowell librarians: John Callahan and Mitch Shuldman, both of whom work in the fantastic South Campus Media Center! An ambitious project, but a wonderful team of motivated people are inspired to make it happen.

Here are two of Ralph Fasanella's creations.



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