What Are Students Saying About Honors Professors?

"Brilliant professor. Loved the small group in Honors Calc III and how he initiated class discussions, and group work. Very different than other math classes."

"This teacher is outstanding. One of the best at UML. Take her if you can. Very knowledgeable, and brings real world experience to the class. Had multiple people with nonprofit experience speak to the class. Extremely helpful and answers any questions."

" ---- is truly a genius. You will appreciate math at a much higher level after having him."

"I have her for honors chemistry II, and she's a teacher of the highest caliber. I sincerely enjoy listening to her lectures."

"Great class. He has a passion for teaching and cares for his students to know them by name."

" ---  is the type of teacher who builds all stars.If you plan to go to grad school, take him."

"The energy that this instructor puts into the course is phenomenal. Provides an environment where participation is not only welcomed, but encouraged."

" --- was always enthusiastic about his teaching and kept his students interested. Best professor I have had at UMass Lowell."

"Constant enthusiasm for learning and self-improvement. Inspires students to care about academics."

"this guy is amazing!! i had zero interest in politics before taking this class and now i am not only interested but well-informed."

"Absolutely the best professor I have had at college. I enjoyed every class and look forward to every other class he has to offer."

"This man is one of the best teachers I have ever had. His lectures are interesting and he is really funny."

"Prof. --- loves teaching and loves sociology. She is very passionate and cares about her students and is very willing to help inside the classroom and outside to make sure you are on the right track. Definitely take a course with her!

"His classes are very interesting and will go over DEEP math. It will require a lot of critical thinking."

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