Rooney-Varga is a Difference Maker!

On Friday, March 1st, Dr. Juliette Rooney-Varga gave a rousing, informative, and fun Thumbnail image for rooney-varga.jpgpresentation to the Commonwealth Honors students enrolled in this semester's offering of HON 320 Difference Makers. When Dr. Rooney-Varga played a short video clip of huge icebergs disintegrating in Greenland the room went silent. Climate change was the topic at hand and research scientist Rooney-Varga finds herself educating the world about a problem she cares so deeply about. Through the use of clever analogies, she explained the earth's precious atmosphere is not infinite ... not even close. Relatively speaking, if the earth was an apple, the skin of the apple would represent the atmosphere. Scientists like Dr. Rooney-Varga are convinced that our atmosphere is filling up with all sorts of emissions. "If an individual person could carry around her own emissions in a back-pack, she would be walking around with 104 extra pounds on her back each day. "Students are required to reflect upon what Juliette offered today and they will be handing in their written thoughts by mid-week." said course coordinator Jim Canning. "That will make for interesting reading." After the lecture, Dr. Rooney-Varga stayed for awhile and engaged some interested students.  The photo shows three honors students presenting the "Commonwealth Honors Bleacher Blanket" to the Dr. Rooney-Varga. From left to right: Rishi Vangapalli, Meghan Burke, Dr. Juliette Rooney-Varga, and Adelle Trainor.

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