Mill Around Lowell - Honors Project

Stephanie Lyon, a Fine Arts major, is all smiles after recently defending her Honors Project. "This is clearly a significant piece of creative work, well beyond what is typically expected.", said Art Department Head Jim Veatch. "It was fun and very rewarding to do.", said Lyon. "When I came to UMass Lowell I just did not realize all that there was to do in the city."  Now, Lyon has created a marketing campaign and a professional graphic arts magazine entitled, Mill Around lyons.jpgLowell. The overall campaign, replete with posters and social media portals, features the many many attractions, sites, eateries, and museums that students can take advantage of. During her defense of her work, the Art Department faculty were clamoring to find a way to pitch her work to the city of Lowell. "The Mill Around Lowell tag line is perfect." said one student in attendance. "Stephanie's honors project is one terrific example of how a Fine Arts major can top off her honors experience and earn UMass Lowell Commonwealth Honors designation upon graduation", said Honors Director Jim Canning. "She will carry that experience forward with her as moves through life." Stephanie relied upon the advice and counsel of two adjunct professors as she developed her work. This project highlights one very neat feature of the honors program - students can work on a project of their own choosing, for an extending period of time, and come away with "The Faraday Smile" -- the smile that comes to you when you've completed a good job. The Honors Program celebrates Stephan Lyon. Scholarship Rises.

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