Honors Computing II Hosts Bottomline Technologies

Bottomline Technologies was front and center on Thursday, February 28th, as they gave an informative, recruiting presentation to honors students enrolled in Dr. Jim Canning's Honors Computing II class. Representing Bottomline Technologies were Ahmed Hafeez, Director of Software Development, and Victoria Martin, User Interface Researcher."It was fantastic to see Ahmed once again.", said Professor Canning as he recalled the days when Hafeez earned his BS in Computer Science from UMass Lowell in 1994. "Ahmed sure has had a glorious career - and he is also the father of twins."  Bottomline is headquartered in Portsmouth, NH and is a global leader in business to business secure financial billing software. Victoria is also heading up the college new-hire program for Bottomline. Approximately 27 students attended the presentation. Also in attendance was Sandhya Balasubramanian who heads up the formal CS Co-op program for UMass Lowell. Canning, who is also a father of twins, fondly remembers the days when Ahmed and his classmates ( Omar Hoda, Nadeem Chaudhury, Rupel Trivedi) walked the UMass Lowell hallways. "Those were the days we were in the Wannalancit Mill." Ahmed was a past president of our student chapter of the ACM. He helped me run high school programming competitions." The photo includes honors students: Stephen Demeule, Willie Boag, (Ahmed Hafeez), Clayton Smith, (Victoria Martin), Virinchi Balabhadrapatruni, and Jacob Kinsman. "This group of Honors Computing II students is exceptionally strong. Bottomline would benefit from their substantial talents", Canning said.

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