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Inspired Leadership through Film

Inspired Leadership in Film ruled the moment, as UMass Lowell Athletic Director, Dana Skinner, delivered a thought provoking talk to about 40 honors students during the weekly Difference Makers lecture held each Friday from 12:00 - 12:50 in 222 O'Leary Hall. Using "decision-making" video clips from Look Who's Coming to Dinner, Invictus, The West Wing, and Aladdin, Skinner asked the students "What would you have done?"  Skinner noted that "doing the right thing" is not always easy to do - particularly the first time - but after awhile it becomes easier and easier. "Dana is the second speaker we have had this semester.", said Honors Director Jim Canning." "Last week we featured Marion Stoddart as our first Difference Maker through the viewing of a fantastic 30 minute documentary called, The Work of 1000. Marion defined and led the movement to clean up the Nashua River in the 1960s." Students in the class focus on social and economic pressures that hinder or help difference makers as well as learn to apply critical thinking skills, dispositions, and approaches when a difference needs to be made. The weekly lecture is one component of a new honors course, HON 320: Difference Makers: Past, Present and Future. All are welcome to attend the Friday lectures whether they are enrolled in the class or not.  

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