Honors Orientation 2012

On Monday evening, September 17th, in Alumni Hall the UMass Lowell Honors Program helds its orientation for incoming students. Students received a meal, a t-shirt, and information about the honors program. The program strives to challenge, encourage, and celebrate excellence inThumbnail image for Hop2012.jpg scholarship and professionalism. The students were treated to a talk by Dr. Diana Archibald, a member of the UMass Lowell English Department. Professor Archibald is a world-class expert on Charles Dickens and she talked about good ole Charles. She also spoke about "what professors do", highlighting their efforts in teaching, research, and service. Honors students may begin to think about earning their own advanced degree someday! Over 60 honors students attended. Honors director, Jim Canning, honors coordinator Beth Donaghey, and Eames Honors House faculty in residence Alex Ruthmann also spoke. The evening concluded with a viewing of the the film classic: 12 Angry Men starring Henry Fonda as Juror #8. What a great movie! We wish all the students the very very best as they make the transition to college life.

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