Vision Boards Created In Eames Hall

Guest blogger: Dr. Bridget Marshall

On Wednesday, April 18th, Professor Marlowe Miller from the English department visited Eames Hall to do a session on "Vision Boards."  After a brief introduction, during which Professor Miller talked about the importance of images, visualization, self-expression, and "hands-on" learning, she turned 
Thumbnail image for Vison.jpgeveryone loose with matboard, scissors, glue, sharpies, and a giant stack of magazines.  Students browsed magazines and stacks of images to find pictures that connected with their goals, and images that inspired them.  Each student put together her or his own collection to take home to help visualize those dreams, ideas, and goals.  There was a great turnout -- some people even made more than one board!  Students dropped by throughout the evening; after seeing the floor strewn with images and craft supplies, they were curious, and then they stayed to make their own.   It was a relaxing and refreshing evening.

And speaking of refreshing....there were refreshments, of course.  Eggrolls, fruit, and veggies, and of course, raffles for gift cards (Starbucks and Eggroll Cafe were the ones chosen by the winners!).

This session was such a hit that we're thinking we might do it again next semester.  We hope you'll join us -- bring the board you made today and see how it's connected to the next one you make!  If you have ideas for more hands-on activities, please let us know!

Thanks to all who joined us, especially Professor Miller!

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