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Guest Blogger: Dr. Bridget Marshall

Have you made friends with your librarian? If you haven't, you should. The librarians on campus are very helpful and friendly folks.  It's their job to help you find the information you need for your papers and projects in your courses here at UML.  Not sure where to start a project or paper?  Talk to a librarian!  
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Ask your questions!  They want to help!
On Wednesday, April 11th, Margaret Manion from the library came to talk with Honors students about all the databases and other services that the library has to offer students -- especially students working on their Thesis projects.  Students with laptops joined the session in Eames Hall Lounge to learn about all the research resources available.  It was a comprehensive and very useful session.

Two lucky students went home with gift cards to Suppas and Eggroll Cafe.  There was also Library Swag: Pens, highlighters, and other useful items!  Many thanks to our Librarian Friend!

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