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Lunch and Learn - Talty Style!!

Guest Blogger: Dr. Bridget Marshall

On Wednesday, April 25th at noon, 15 Honors Students gathered for an enlightening talk from Professor Frank Talty on Legal Careers.  Professor Talty, who has just earned the University's Teaching Award from the Student Government Association, has a JD from Suffolk University Law School, and had his own law practice for many years before coming to 
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UMass Lowell.  He is a currently Assistant Dean in the College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.  He provided insights into the law school application process, the LSAT, and the wide array of careers that can follow after law school.  Students had lots of great questions for him.  The students came from a huge range of majors, from Plastics Engineering to Criminal Justice, to English, to Political Science.  There are LSAT prep classes (and GRE prep classes, too!) available to UML students: definitely take advantage of all the University has to offer!  If you're interested in pursuing law school, get in touch with Professor Talty, who serves as the University's Pre-Law Advisor. 

We had a great lunch and a gift card raffle at the end!  Stay tuned for an update on the big end-of semester drawing!

Thanks for joining us for these great events this semester!

Vision Boards Created In Eames Hall

Guest blogger: Dr. Bridget Marshall

On Wednesday, April 18th, Professor Marlowe Miller from the English department visited Eames Hall to do a session on "Vision Boards."  After a brief introduction, during which Professor Miller talked about the importance of images, visualization, self-expression, and "hands-on" learning, she turned 
Thumbnail image for Vison.jpgeveryone loose with matboard, scissors, glue, sharpies, and a giant stack of magazines.  Students browsed magazines and stacks of images to find pictures that connected with their goals, and images that inspired them.  Each student put together her or his own collection to take home to help visualize those dreams, ideas, and goals.  There was a great turnout -- some people even made more than one board!  Students dropped by throughout the evening; after seeing the floor strewn with images and craft supplies, they were curious, and then they stayed to make their own.   It was a relaxing and refreshing evening.

And speaking of refreshing....there were refreshments, of course.  Eggrolls, fruit, and veggies, and of course, raffles for gift cards (Starbucks and Eggroll Cafe were the ones chosen by the winners!).

This session was such a hit that we're thinking we might do it again next semester.  We hope you'll join us -- bring the board you made today and see how it's connected to the next one you make!  If you have ideas for more hands-on activities, please let us know!

Thanks to all who joined us, especially Professor Miller!

Daniel Dacey, a junior Medical Lab Sciences major, has found his Honors thesis advisor. She is Dr. Nancy Goodyear who is an assistant professor within the Clinical Lab and Nutritional Sciences Department. "This is the perfect arrangement for an honors student.", said Jim Canning, director of the UMass Lowell Commonwealth Honors Program. "Daniel will be working in Dr. Goodyear's lab this summer in and in the Thumbnail image for daniel.jpgfall as he learns the proper techniques to conduct research in his field."  Dr. Goodyear's lab is focused on evaluating safer approaches to disinfection. Daniel is also minoring in Community Health. He is the president of both the Coalition of Students for Charitable Events and the Association of Clinical Laboratory  Students. 

Guest Blogger: Dr. Bridget Marshall

Have you made friends with your librarian? If you haven't, you should. The librarians on campus are very helpful and friendly folks.  It's their job to help you find the information you need for your papers and projects in your courses here at UML.  Not sure where to start a project or paper?  Talk to a librarian!  
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Ask your questions!  They want to help!
On Wednesday, April 11th, Margaret Manion from the library came to talk with Honors students about all the databases and other services that the library has to offer students -- especially students working on their Thesis projects.  Students with laptops joined the session in Eames Hall Lounge to learn about all the research resources available.  It was a comprehensive and very useful session.

Two lucky students went home with gift cards to Suppas and Eggroll Cafe.  There was also Library Swag: Pens, highlighters, and other useful items!  Many thanks to our Librarian Friend!
The UMass Lowell Commonwealth Honors Program celebrates the recent appointment of Dr. Ali Rafieymehr as new dean of the University of New Hampshire at Manchester. Dr. Rafieymehr received his Ph.D in Computer Science from UMass Lowell under the direction of Professor Charlie Steele. After spending a career in industry, Ali has been an advocate foralir1.jpg excellence in education inspiring many students to find their way. "He is one of my all-time favorite computer science alums." said Jim Canning who was head of the CS department during Ali's years. "He has such a great capacity to give of himself and he is full of life. It is a joy to see him have a fulfilling career in higher ed. His new appointment will enable him to help a broader class of students obtain their career goals and aspirations." In all that he does, Dr. Rafieymehr has behaved like an honors student. He has initiative and passion. He thinks outside the box. He comes up with new ideas to solve problems. He builds community. The UMass Lowell Honors Program wishes him all the best in his new position which will start on July 1, 2012. Ali is a friend of the UMass Lowell Honors Program as evidenced by the books in the honors library with his name on them. Why not pop into the honors library, find a book that has his name in it, and take it home to read? 

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