UMass Lowell Meets GE Intelligent Platforms In Foxboro

Sandyha Balasubramanian, from UMass Lowell's Career & Coop Center, recently met with folks from GE Intelligent Platforms to enable UMass Lowell students to compete for Coops and full-time jobs at the Foxboro, MA facility. Sandyha explained how Coop works at UMass Lowell. In attendance from GE were Melanie Collins, Human brian2.jpgResource Manager; Lisa Lawless, Coop Manager; Chris Egeberg, Technology Manager (not shown in photo) ; and GE General Manager Brian Courtney. Brian is a 1988 alum of UMass Lowell's Computer Science Department. Also at the meeting, but not shown in the photo were Deme Gys from the UMass Lowell Advancement Office and Dr. Jim Canning, Director of UMass Lowell's Commonwealth Honors Program. "It was a terrific meeting.", said Canning. "We very much want to get our honor students and our computer science majors on GE Intelligent Platform's radar."  Courtney and Canning reminisced about the CS Department years ago. "Brian was a great student, very conscientious", said Canning. "We had great students then and we have great students now." Deme Gys facilitated the meeting and she explained about the many wonderful projects going on at UMass Lowell these days and how the campus has become a destination for high-achieving, motivated students.

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