UMass Lowell Honors Library Milestone Reached

The UMass Lowell Commonwealth Honors Library has hit a new milestone! Where the Red Fern Grows has now become the 100th book purchased this year and entered into the growing library. A great mix of books are now in the library as donors to the Honors Endowment Scholarship Fund not only help the fund grow, but also get recognized in one or more books inserted into the library under their name.  "Reading is a hallmark of any honors program." said director Jim Canning. "We encourage the honor students to incorporate reading into their lives on a regular basis.  There are lots of diverse books. Students recommend books, donors pitch in and help out the scholarship fund, and we enter a new book into the library." 
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Faculty, staff, and parents are all participating in the Buy a Book Initiative. "We've just had our first Corporate donation too, which is fantastic. We need the area companies to help us achieve our goal of 1,000 books. This is an easy and fun way for companies who hire our students to give back to us a little bit. Many streams make a river." From Classics to Shakespeare to Graphic Novels to Sci - Fi to mass media fiction to all the books we should have read while we  were in middle and high school, but they slipped by us - are starting to appear in the expanding library. Students can just borrow books as they wish. By virtue of the donations that these 100 books represents, the scholarship endowment fund has now grown by $7,500. Where exactly does the Red Fern Grow?

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