Middlesex Community College Commonwealth Honors Program - Two Thumbs Up!

The director of the Middlesex Community College Commonwealth Honors Program, David Kalivas, recently came to UMass Lowell to exchange information with Jim Canning (UMass Lowell computer science faculty member and UMass Lowell honors director) and to investigate ways to Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for lowellMCC.jpgstrengthen the interaction between the two schools."Middlesex Community College is a first-rate two year school." said Canning. "I remember back in the late 80s and early 90s when the UMass Lowell CS Department and MCC were housed in adjacent space in Lowell's Wannalancit Mill Complex. Their programs were vibrant, varied, and meaningful. They positively changed peoples lives." The two honors programs already share an honors transfer pact by virtue of both being part of the Commonwealth Honors Program that exists across all public higher education schools in Massachusetts. "Curriculum-wise, it is straightforward for MCC honors students to seamlessly merge into the UMass Lowell program". Kalivas and Canning are working on additional ways to challenge, encourage, and celebrate motivated students to excel academically. "David was an enthusiastic champion for his program and his students." commented Canning. "We look forward to an active and engaging relationship in the months and years to come."

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