Kazmer Comes to Eames

Dr. David Kazmer spoke with twenty honors students in the basement of Eames Honors House. The topics were careers, money, engineering, and values. "Does education pay?" Kazmer asked and this evoked a number of responses. The strong consensus was that it does pay. Professor Kazmer showed a figure of how an engineer's salary over a career flattens out after thirty years in the profession.  Earning money offers choices, but so does saving it! He encouraged the attendees to save as best they can. Advice on how to behave in an interview was also provided. Kazmer chronicled his own career a bit reminiscing a bit about a job offer from a 1988 start-up called Oracle to being a tenured faculty member at UMass Amherst before he came to Lowell ten years ago. He characterized himself as a generalist engineer. The crowd was lively and a good discussion ensued. Sal's pizza was a big hit too.

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