Write and Bite for Honors Students -- First One Ever!

You've heard the question before: Who is John Galt? We hope that you know the answer to that one. How about Who is Susan Hockfield? or Who is Alan Kay? or Who is Donald Norman? How about Sarah Kuhn? Rosalind Pickard? Seymour Papert? Moshe Safdie? Google them. These accomplished scientists have each penned a short essay that reflects upon and then captures the inquisitiveness of their youth. They each came up with their own writing prompt: What We Sort is one. What We Sense is another. What We Play, What We Build, and What We Model are three more.  So here is the deal. The UMass Lowell Commonwealth Honors Program invites Honor Students to sign up for the first ever Write and Bite to be held on Thursday, March 29 from 12:00 noon - 1:30 pm. Lunch will be provided. While you eat, you will interact with Psychology Professor, Dr. Sarah Kuhn, of HyperGeometric Knitting fame and you will share your own personal essay with your own writing prompt. First, if you are interested, we will send you the scientists's essays. You read them and see the pattern. Then you create your own. This first ever, Write and Bite is purposely held immediately after vacation week so you will have lots of time to read and reflect. That is what it is all about. Are you game? Dr. Kuhn will provide more instruction as we get close. But, why not obtain the essays now and read one or two of them a week. Read them twice. Read them out loud. Read them to a friend. Then you just might be ready for that creative moment. If interested, email jim@cs.uml.edu. One more thing. It would be great to have at least one honors student from each College participate. Why not you? Honor students think outside the box and they relish a challenge and a chance to create and receive feedback. If you wait until you have the time, you will never do it. Rewards come to those who engage.

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