Honors Students Get Linked In

Professional career consultant, Kim Bilawchuk, from UMass Lowell's Career & Co-op Center, gave a presentation to twenty honors students regarding the proper use of the social media tool called Thumbnail image for kimb1.jpgLinked In. Kim emphasized the need for all students to become more "professional networking" savvy. Kim's talk was part of the Eames Hall weekly speaker series. All honors students are encouraged to attend whether they reside in Eames Hall or not. Pizza was provided! It is a great way to meet some new friends and stay connected to the honors program. Honors Faculty liaison, Dr. Bridget Marshall, organizes and runs the speaker series for the Spring 2011 semester. The talks also feature a free drawing to all those in attendance. This week a student won a gift certificate to the Egg Roll Cafe. Talks usually last about 45 minutes to an hour. Shown in the photo are: Kim Bilawchuk, Honors Student and Philosophy major Peter Steere,and Honors Student and Exercise Physiology major Robyn Cirielo.

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