Dining and Dressing for Success for Honor Students

On Feb.13, 2011, a good and informative time was had by all as forty UMass Lowell Commonwealth Honors Students attended Dining and Dressing For Success. The event was run by UMass Lowell's Career & Co-op Center. During the evening students were treated to a four-course meal and instruction on how to be. Where do you not put your elbows? What do you do with a used napkin when you get up from your chair? How do you pass the bread basket? Thumbnail image for dining1.jpgStudents were led by career development professional Anne Apigian who talked the students through the mine fields of fine dining. Anne was ably assisted by a host of other professional staff as one staff member sat at each table to help re-enforce the tips that were being given.

Prior to dinner, students participated in a meet and greet networking session as they practiced how to mingle, engage in cordial conversation, and introduce themselves. Faculty and staff were in attendance to help fill out the crowd. 

Students met new classmates over a served meal that started with soup, then salad, then the entree, and finally the dessert. Wine glasses were filled with sparkling grape juice. 

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