Recycling at UMASS Lowell

On October 1, 2012 the University of Massachusetts Lowell played host to the Elizabeth Warren/Scott Brown senatorial debate and on the same day the Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Science Departmentís Environmental Science Seminar conducted a recycling audit of the recycling bins in the Olney Science Center. Joining the group was Gunther Wellenstein (class of 2002) who is the recycling coordinator for the City of Lowell. The goal was to determine the types and amounts of material that were recycled and to determine how much trash was place in recycling bins (people are not always careful when disposing of material).

Ryan recycling 2.JPGPeople who sort trash are happy people.

Ryan recycling 3.JPGThe final total was 4 bags of paper, 1 bag of plastic, 1 bag of cans, and 1 bag of trash. Plastic bottles were the second most numerous recyclable items and Gunther made the point that Lowell residents should be drinking more tap water. Bottled water is significantly more expensive than tap water and Lowell's tap water is of excellent quality.

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