Finding Contentment at a Local Church

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Claudia - church.jpgOn Sunday it was rainy and cold, so most of us decided to stay on campus and just go to Bellaterra and grab breakfast at the Cafe. I also had in mind to attend church.

My original plan was to go to mass at the Cathedral in Barcelona, but because of time constraints, it did not happened. After we enjoyed our breakfast, and did some grocery shopping at the minimart, I went to the local church. It was one experience I will never forget.

It felt like if I belonged in the town, as a local. Even though mass was officiated in Catalan and I couldn't understand much of it, the experience was just sensational. I would have never thought I'd be at a church in Spain. A very tiny church, every seat was filled and all the people knew each other. It instantly brought memories back to my childhood. Very similar setting.

It got me a bit melancholic, and transported me to childhood times with my family. When I got out of church, people knew right away I wasn't from town because I just left. While walking down the sidewalk, it started to rain and realized how blessed I was to be able to experience all of this because of a school study program. I had content feelings because of all the memories it brought back.

~ Claudia

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