Camp Nou Up Close

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I am a soccer fanatic and it was always my dream to watch a game at the ‘mecca’ of soccer, Camp Nou. That dream was realized when I got accepted for the study abroad trip to Barcelona.

I went to watch a football game in the stadium which houses close to 100,000 supporters on any given soccer night. I got good tickets which were right next to the players as I wanted to cash in on the atmosphere of a local cup night and also bought a Barcelona Football club jersey to look like a supporter.

The experience at the stadium was fantastic, I got some great pictures and witnessed Barcelona FC cruise to a comfortable 5 – 0 victory. I got to see some of the star players up-close and it was a fantastic experience just being in one of the best stadiums of the world. The atmosphere was electric and it was a satisfaction of a dream fulfilled.

~ Siddarth

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