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I canīt believe that I was going back and forth on whether or not I should attend the trip. We spent the first few days packing and getting ready for the groups to split ways. We spent a day and a half in a valley where i belive the translated name would be valley of snakes. The moutains around seem like a fake background. The views from the top of the windmill tower that we spent a afternoon and following morning disassembling. The windmill is being transported to a farm across the street in exchange for the solar system that that farm currently has. The windmill was not currently working and not suitable for the location. Yesterday we were picked up by a farm truck which took us on a three hour trip throught the valley and high up into the Andes to Huanchay-Huaraz. The village is locatd on the side of very steep hill. The village consists of many hill side farms. If I hadnt seen the farms for myself I wouldnt think it be possible to farm under such conditions. The mountains have some vegatation but the valleys are in a droubt and it is very dusty. The farmers in the valley are being forced to dig their wells deeper. We have started working on the solar thermal hot water heater on the passive solar house along with taking the nessasary measurements inorder to re construct our cad stress analysis of the adobe house. This trip is a great experience and made even better better by the students that have attended.

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