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Welcome to the inaugural post on the CSP blog.  Join me in congratulating our 2011 CSP Master's Degree graduates: Theresa Bergazzi, Molly Berry, Kaitlyn Corcoran, Sofia Stavraki, Jennifer Gevry, Samantha Jacobs, and Johana Reyes Quinteros.
2011 CSP GraduatesEnjoy some of the photos from the 2011 Recognition Ceremony.  Special thanks to Maria Mcduffie for taking these photos.Recognition Ceremony Reception
Recognition Ceremony Speakers 2011
Recognition Ceremony Collage
Recognition Ceremony FacultyGraduates, thank you for your thoughtful gifts.  You will be missed.
Recognition Ceremony 2011 CakeAs you continue you on, we wish you all the best.  May the sense of community always be with you.  If you have congratulatory notes or words of wisdom for our graduates, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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