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Today is probably the busiest day of my semester so far. I have to work, I have a class, a meeting, 2 assignments due tonight, and I have to finish an essay. With the semester coming to an end, it seems like most of my classes are playing "catch up". (It's to be expected)

Although it's a busy day, I'm actually excited  to do all of these. Work isn't bad at all, class is fun, the meeting will be interesting, my assignments are helpful, and the essay is unexpected.

The essay will be the highlight. I'm comparing The Swimmer to A Rose for Emily. These are both short stories, but they aren't really... comparable. A Rose to Emily has a crazy, dark, sudden ending while The Swimmer is very subtle. I've been brainstorming different similarities all night, and it just seems awkward. (But awkward should be fun)

My rest of the week seems to slow down. I just bought Battlefield 3, and it has been staring me in the eyes since I bought it. I REFUSE to play it until my homework is done. Hopefully I can try it out soon, but who knows. I will probably be assigned a last minute project. (Especially with my luck)

On a final note, one of my favorite bands is coming to the Tsongas center. Rise Against. I wrote about them before, but I never thought they'd come within a mile of campus. I'm SUPER excited. It's going to be a fun show, because I believe the crowd will mainly consist of UML students.

UML has been surprising me a lot lately, and I love it. It's only getting better.

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