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On Saturday, March 3rd the technology support team completed an upgrade to the back end technical tools which power e*mpac Financials. 

To ensure optimal system performance, users are encouraged to clean browser history before using e*mpac Production or Reporting.  This can help prevent performance issues and keep users from receiving data integrity errors. 

Here is a quick job aid to show how to clear history and cache for some common web browsers.

See this job aid to  Clear Your Browser History.pdf

The following message was sent to Finance Cabinet, Campus Project Managers (CPMs), and Module Stewards on 1/2/12.  This is an update from the FIN Upgrade Project.



Follow-up on the Finance 9.1 Go-Live Update


We have now been live on the new system for six weeks.


We are pleased to report that the major issues noted below have been resolved:

a.       Performance Issues:  Since we have scheduled the clearing of Application Server cache on a regular basis, there have been no reports of users being kicked out of the system.

b.      Expense Approval Issues:  A fix was put into Production last week that will correct some of the approval issues. The core team and UITS continue to test other scenarios.  Please note that the issues reported are not widespread or large in volume.

c.       Citibank Travel Card:  File successfully posts to Citibank and US Bank.


In addition to process improvements, we are continuing to find and fix issues to ensure continued stability of the system.


This will be the last update published in this single blog entry.


Finance 9.1 is now Live




Finance 9.1. Upgrade





Finance 9.1 Upgrade Complete

The e*mpac Finance 9.1 upgrade has been completed and is now available for all system users.


Please note that the login links for the new Finance Production and Reporting environments have changed.   Users should access the upgraded 9.1 version by using the login links on the http://empac.uml.edu web page.



Browser History Cleanup Strongly Recommended

To ensure an optimal experience, Information Technology is STRONGLY RECOMMENDING that you clear your browser history, prior to accessing the Finance 9.1 application.  This action can help prevent performance issues and keep you from receiving data integrity errors.


A job aid on clearing history in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari is attached. This is also available online.


Please contact the Help Desk if you need any assistance – 978-934-4357 (HELP)



Financial Reporting in 9.1 Reminders

·         End users who previously used Finance Reporting to access finance data will still have access to do so in 9.1. 

·         As part of the upgrade, the old FAIR reporting viewer has been retired. 

·         Summit access has been rolled out extensively to users across campus. 


Training Materials

Online tutorials and job aids are available in the “Information for…” section of the campus e*mpac Finance website:     http://empac.uml.edu


You will also be able to access select training materials directly from the Finance 9.1 application.  Just click the Help Link at the top right corner of the application:




Drop-In Support Schedule

Users seeking additional support are invited to visit one of the drop-in sessions listed below:

·         Thursday, November 17 – O’Leary 200B (South) – 9:30am to 11:00am

·         Thursday, November 17 – Southwick 309 (North) – 1:00pm to 3:00pm



Please feel free to contact any of the individuals listed below if you have questions:



Area of Inquiry

Email Address


Denise Anastasopoulos

Accounts Payable



Shaun Sullivan




Nancy Desjardins




Roberto Miller

General Ledger







Maura Shield





e*mpac Financials 9.1 is almost here.  It will be available to all users starting at 8:00am on Wednesday, November 16th.

To ensure an optimal experience when the system is released, all users are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to clear their browser history.  This can help prevent performance issues and keep users from receiving data integrity errors.

See this job aid to  Clear Your Browser History.pdf

Click here for the full  Finance 9.1 Pre-Upgrade Communication.pdf



Finance 9.1 Upgrade Schedule for Go-live


Beginning Wednesday, November 9 at 5:30pm through the end of day Tuesday, November 15, the e*mpac Finance system will be unavailable as it is being upgraded to release level 9.1.


Please Note: On November 11th, Finance Reporting 8.9 will contain data as of November 10th and will be available throughout the upgrade.  Summit & FAIR will be available according  to its regular schedule.


Upon the successful completion of the upgrade on Tuesday, November 15, a communication will be sent to confirm its availability on Wednesday morning, November 16.


FAIR REMINDER:  As part of this upgrade, the FAIR reporting environment is being retired.  It will not be available for reporting after November 16th.




Summit Reporting Newsletter


A newsletter announcing the arrival of Summit for Finanical reporting is being sent to users who have been granted access to the Summit application.   Essentially, this includes all current e*mpac users who previously had access to PeopleSoft reporting or the FAIR reporting tool.

Summit Newsletter - Fall 2011_v3.pdf


Users can also check out the training information in the "Information for Departmental Users" section of the e*mpac web page.

This communication was sent via email distribution to all finance system users today.


Finance 9.1 Upgrade Update.pdf

Attention Query Users:   The e*mpac Finance application is being upgraded in mid-November.  Please take note of the following details on the upgrade of queries.


Private Queries:


  • All existing private queries in Production 8.9 and Reporting 8.9 will be brought over to the corresponding 9.1 environment (Production or Reporting) on October 14. 
  • Any changes you make to those queries on or after October 14 will have to be made manually in 9.1 Production or Reporting after go-live.


    • All new private queries created in Production 8.9 and Reporting 8.9 between October 14 and November 9 will be brought over to the corresponding 9.1 environment (Production or Reporting) at go-live.

    Public Queries

    • All existing public queries will be available in Production 9.1 and Reporting 9.1 at go live.

    Ad-hoc Report Run Controls, nVision Report Requests, and nVision Scopes

    • All the ad-hoc reports you run will be available in Finance 9.1.
    • All existing report requests, scopes, and run controls will be available in Production 9.1 and Reporting 9.1 at go live.


    If you have any questions regarding the above plan, please contact Maura Shield.

    The University is in the midst of a project to upgrade the Finance system.  As part of this project, we are doing some testing of the migration process and need to make the Finance Production system unavailable in the early hours of Thursday, August 25th.

    We expect that users should be able to get back into Finance Production after 9:00AM.

    Please plan accordingly.

    A Message from the University Controller


    By Christine Wilda

    Assistant Vice President & University Controller President’s Office


    The University has embarked on an upgrade of the Finance system for all five Campuses and the President’s Office.


    Our Finance System covers a variety of functional areas such as:

    ·         Grants, Projects, Contracts, Billing, Accounts Receivable

    ·         eProcurement, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Expenses

    ·         General Ledger, Commitment Control, Asset Management


    Some of you may recall that the last time we upgraded the Finance system was in 2007.  In 2010, the Campuses and President’s Office partnered with University Information Technology Services to plan and design the next version of the system. This is a technical upgrade that will better position us for future enhancements such as purchase requisition change orders and document attachments.


    In this upgrade, the most noticeable change is in the overall navigation. The specific screens that you use are generally not affected.


    Where are we currently in the upgrade?  The project team is in the midst of system development (i.e., applying updates to ensure the system meets the University’s needs). 


    In the future, you will receive additional updates on the progress of the project.  More importantly, training materials will be developed to support users impacted by identified system changes.  For more information on training materials, see the UPK article on page 2.


    I would like to thank the project team, and all of you, for your support during the Finance 9.1 system upgrade.




    Finance 9.1 Upgrade Summary


    Why are we upgrading the Finance system?

    This upgrade ensures the system meets the latest technology standards, thus readying it for future maintenance and enhancements.  


    When will the upgraded system be available?

    The upgraded system will be released in late 2011.


    Is the look and feel of the Finance system changing? 

    Yes.  Instead of a left hand navigation menu, you will now use a dropdown menu at the top of the page. 


    Other enhancements to navigation are:

    ·         Recently used pages

    ·         Option to alphabetically sort your navigation list

    ·         New search functionality

    ·         Breadcrumbs to track your navigation path


    The system will track or “leave a trail” of the actual path you take as you navigate from screen to screen.  This navigation trail is what we refer to as “breadcrumbs”.


    For a sneak peek video of the new navigation, please follow this link.


    Finance 9.1 Upgrade Summary


    Which areas will be part of the upgrade?

    ·         Grants, Projects, Contracts, Billing, Accounts Receivable

    ·         eProcurement, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Expenses

    ·         General Ledger, Commitment Control, Asset Management


    How will these areas be impacted?

    In most cases, there will only be slight changes (e.g., the location of a field).  For those areas with key changes to functionality, users impacted will receive further details in the coming months.


    Training:  Introducing UMass Productivity Kit (UPK)


    With this upgrade, we are introducing the UMass Productivity Kit (UPK) for Finance.  This training tool is already in use to support HR Direct and iSiS.    An entire Finance 9.1 UPK training package is being developed to provide on-line training for key processes in the Finance 9.1 functionality.  While job aids and training guides will still be available, you will also have the ability to learn through online tutorials. 


    Most online tutorials limit you to only watching a process.  UPK offers three different playback modes to support your learning preference on any particular topic (as shown in the table).


    If you prefer written documentation on any topic, you can print out a Job Aid using the  option. 


    UPK content will be available via the Help link within the Finance system.  Your training materials will be just a click away.


    Stay tuned for further communications on how to access and use the Finance 9.1 UPK Online Training Tutorials.


    Key Project Contacts


    What is the best way for me to keep informed on the Finance system?

    For more information regarding the Finance system and the upgrade to 9.1, please visit the empac web page ( http://empac.uml.edu ).  Once there, don’t forget to save the site to your favorites!


    Who can I contact for specific questions regarding the Finance 9.1 Upgrade?

    For Finance 9.1 project questions, please contact:

    ·         Project Management & Training – Richard Conley, Norma Clark 

    ·         Accounts Payable & Expenses - Denise Anastasopoulos

    ·         Asset Management - Annette Johnson, Roland Rondeau

    ·         General Ledger & Commitment Control – Roberto Miller

    ·         Grants – Nancy Desjardins

    ·         Purchasing / Procurement – Mike Durkin, Heather Tziotziouras


    A project is underway to upgrade the e*mpac financials application.   Users can look to this space for future updates on features and functionality as well as information on any training that may be needed.    The new system should be available late 2011 (currently tracking toward mid-November).

    Navigation is perhaps the biggest change that end users will experience.  Most of the functionality will remain similar to how it is used today.  Here is a quick sneak peak on the navigation changes users will experience with this upgrade.

    http://upk.umassp.edu/FIN_91/Screencasts/NewNav Finance91.swf



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