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There is new functionality in iSiS which will allow users to integrate schedules into their online calendars such as Outlook.   This will allow the following:

  • Students are able to download their class schedule in ical file format from the student service center >my class schedule page
  • Faculty are able to download their schedule in ical format from the Faculty Center >My Schedule page. 


5-3-2012 2-08-21 PM.jpg

Unfortunately this functionality is not supported with Outlook Web that Lowell Student's use, but is supported by Microsoft Outlook (Windows) and other calendar solutions that students could be using.    The ‘HELP’ documentation notes this and users should go to their specific software for detailed import instructions.

The Registrar's Office announced today that the iSiS student schedules now list a “Travel Warning” message when students move from one campus to another upon enrollment.  Students will also notice a color change.

See example below...


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