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Dining Hall Crisis?

Hi everybody. It's Andy here again. Hope you are doing well in your studies. I have A LOT of work to do this semester and I'm not exactly thrilled about it. I think I have to expect this as the semesters go on.

Recently I have interviewed a student living on Fox Hall to discuss a problem that he/she had with the dining hall food services on East. I tried to dig in to the problem briefly but precisely. It came as a surprising note to me because I try the East dining hall every now and then, and didn't have a problem. For those that actually live on campus though, it was a different story. I hope you guys enjoy the interview. I will be doing more of these student-oriented blogs from now on!

What is the major problem with the food in the dining hall?

The major problem with the food in the dining hall is that it does not have much selection. There are only a couple choices to choose from during the daytime when they aren't serving the hot dishes.

Are you satisfied with the taste regardless of the selection? In other words, is the lack of choices making good food taste bad since you repeat eating it so much?

The taste is alright and hasn't really changed much as the year went on. I think that the lack of choices is affecting the taste of the food. I have started to like the sandwich station a lot less and have tried to move on to the hot dishes, which they only have during certain times.

How were the staff with distribution? Do you have to wait a long time to get your food on most occasions?

Not on most occasions but few. It's understandable most of the time. The portions are usually pretty big too.

If you have a suggestion to the dining hall, what would it be?

My suggestion is for there to be more selection for the hot dishes and just in general. I think they should always try to have the hot plates running in order for there to be more food to choose from.

Do you feel like you are getting what you paid for overall in terms of food/dining hall?

Overall, I dont think I am. There are times that I will want to go after getting out of class and there will be nothing to choose from. I have to resort to eating a moist sandwich or fries and a hot dog.

So that was it. I thank the anonymous student for their time. Do you guys agree with what he/she said?

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