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In an effort to enhance the blogging experience, I will be trying out various ways to improve the quality and make it more fun for you guys!

So I have been exploring so far this summer, and it has been a positive experience so far. Let's look at my list of 10 things that I enjoyed, and you should consider doing as well!

7. Competition

I am starting the list off easy. I didn't want to write down sports, since not everyone is a sports fan. But everyone does have an interest or a hobby. Use that to participate in a competition. Whether that may be entering a drawing contest or participating in a chess competition, it doesn't matter. Fuel yourself this summer. Pick up some fun motivation to look forward to everyday.

6. Camping

I always suggest camping to people and they tell me how much they hate it. My only advice is that you give it a shot! I tried it a couple years ago and fell in love with it ever since. It's a great experience. And trust me, everything tastes better outside.

5. Beach Trip

We are lucky to live in New England, where beaches are rather close to us than other places. Take advantage of it. Going to the beach for a couple hours, getting a tan, and dipping in the ocean is always fun. You can always bring your mp3 player and relax on the sand. Fun.

4. Arcade

I just ended up going last week and spent a good amount of money, but it was all worth it. I played all the games I possibly could have played and still had some money left. Sometimes, we all need to forget about things and just enjoy ourselves. Arcade is the perfect way to do that. Don't sit at home playing video games all day!

3. Water Park

Six Flags. Water Country. Canobie Lake Park. Whatever you prefer. I'm sure all of you have been there before. This is one part of summer you shouldn't miss. Water parks are there for you and you have to go. Pick a hot day, and some day in the week like a Tuesday. There won't be a lot of traffic and you'll still have fun. Lines are a pain in the neck, so Tuesday is a good day.

2. Visit another state

Do your own research through Google and find a place you can visit! It will be worth it. As I mentioned, I have been doing some explorations and I have found great places in other states. Rhode Island always offer something exciting and fun so I like going there. I will be visiting Connecticut later on, as well as New Hampshire. Google is your friend. Things that you want to do may be far away, but it's worth it.

1. Try Something New

This last suggestion is really for those of you with secret ambitions. If you ever wanted to try something, just try it. My friend cut his hair into a mohawk this summer. That's bold. I remember dying my hair blonde one summer, for the hell of it. Those are some of those things I am talking about. Change is good...most of the time.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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