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Proud of my School

Hey guys, hope all of you have been doing well. We have about 5 weeks until finals and I'm sure everyone is just waiting for weeks to fly by. April definitely seems like it goes slower every year.

So in case you have not heard, our school was in the NCAA men's ice hockey tournament last week. It was the first time 16 years our school has made it and safe to say, it was a tremendous accomplishment.

We went into the tournament as heavy underdogs, many predicted we'd get knocked off in the first round by Miami (OH). They do have a talented team, but we play the game to see who really is the better team that night. Safe to say, in a hard fought battle, UMass Lowell pulled out a win in OT after blowing a 3 goal lead. It was dramatic to say the least, since they had to kill a 5 minute major penalty just to get to overtime. It was some of the best hockey I've watched since last June, when the Bruins were in the playoffs.

We eventually lost the next night to an excellent team in Union, again in a hard fought battle. Amidst all this action, I was so proud of the way this hockey team represented the school. To be honest, I've met many people who had a negative view about the hockey team in general and I'm not sure that's warranted. The school may invest in the hockey team and favor it over other activities that students may find more interesting or important, but that doesn't mean the team itself deserves the hate. I know some of the "hockey people" over at our radio station were not very friendly or considerate, but I never despised the team for it.

So watching these guys fight for a win on ESPNU as the underdogs of the tournament just made me a proud student inside. Being a sports fan, I may have had that extra emotion compared to others, but nonetheless, a very proud feeling. It's almost like that tournament defined who we are as a school. We are underdogs and not very well known compared to other high end schools. But we defy the odds. The way these players fought for all battles on the ice was just a pleasure to watch.

But the most important message of all? The fact that we lost but we left a message to all other schools in the tournament and in the nation. We will fight until the bitter end and will keep on improving, both the school and the hockey team alike.

Do I sound too dramatic? Haha I might sound a bit dramatic but you guys can see I enjoyed watching our team play. Some of the guys are in my classes and they seem like very nice, good students. Hopefully, they keep on improving and I hope to see them in the big level someday, should they decide to pursue that road.

Well that's it for me. I'll talk to you all next week! I have an ambitious project I want to start for next year and I'll reveal that in the next blog.

Hey guys, I am back with yet another blog. I was crammed with work for the last couple of weeks and there have been way too many things to keep track of! Not to mention almost getting screwed by your teammates on the group project. But I won't get into that because it was all resolved in a good, positive fashion haha.

I wanted to get in a blog discussing the Chancellor's Forum I attended a few weeks ago. It was my first time attending the forum and needless to say, I came away fascinated. If you haven't been there yet, I'd recommend going to the next one. There weren't as many people I had expected, but students had the privilege to ask the Chancellor questions directly, any concern they had about the university. I think many students that had the courage to ask things were fantastic. I didn't even need to think twice about the students that they were. Some were really passionate about the university and some spoke on behalf of many others. It was a great thing to see and experience.

I also learned some interesting facts about the university. The one that stuck out the most is that the university is making a $9 million investment to the Fox Dining Halls and that it would look completely different once we got back from summer break. It is apparently going to be something that we've never seen before and I'm already getting excited by thinking about it. I rarely eat at Fox Hall, but if this thing is what it's expected to be, then who knows haha. By the way, did you guys know that we had a West Campus? I never knew that. There is nothing there really (it's in Chelmsford), but it's interesting nonetheless.

So I really recommend all of you to attend the next one if you have free time. I honestly went there as an obligation and a commitment I made to ODK, but from now on, regardless of the obligation, I am going to attend. It's something that just interests me as a whole. I still care about the activities of the university and such.

I gotta do some more homework now. How obvious right? *Sigh*

I'll write again soon,


Dining Hall Crisis?

Hi everybody. It's Andy here again. Hope you are doing well in your studies. I have A LOT of work to do this semester and I'm not exactly thrilled about it. I think I have to expect this as the semesters go on.

Recently I have interviewed a student living on Fox Hall to discuss a problem that he/she had with the dining hall food services on East. I tried to dig in to the problem briefly but precisely. It came as a surprising note to me because I try the East dining hall every now and then, and didn't have a problem. For those that actually live on campus though, it was a different story. I hope you guys enjoy the interview. I will be doing more of these student-oriented blogs from now on!

What is the major problem with the food in the dining hall?

The major problem with the food in the dining hall is that it does not have much selection. There are only a couple choices to choose from during the daytime when they aren't serving the hot dishes.

Are you satisfied with the taste regardless of the selection? In other words, is the lack of choices making good food taste bad since you repeat eating it so much?

The taste is alright and hasn't really changed much as the year went on. I think that the lack of choices is affecting the taste of the food. I have started to like the sandwich station a lot less and have tried to move on to the hot dishes, which they only have during certain times.

How were the staff with distribution? Do you have to wait a long time to get your food on most occasions?

Not on most occasions but few. It's understandable most of the time. The portions are usually pretty big too.

If you have a suggestion to the dining hall, what would it be?

My suggestion is for there to be more selection for the hot dishes and just in general. I think they should always try to have the hot plates running in order for there to be more food to choose from.

Do you feel like you are getting what you paid for overall in terms of food/dining hall?

Overall, I dont think I am. There are times that I will want to go after getting out of class and there will be nothing to choose from. I have to resort to eating a moist sandwich or fries and a hot dog.

So that was it. I thank the anonymous student for their time. Do you guys agree with what he/she said?

Hello folks. It's Andy here again with another blog. Hope you all are enjoying your lives. The first day of classes started on Thursday. Did everyone like their classes? How are the freshman settling in? I haven't been to the university yet. I will be there on Tuesday. I can't wait to get back to the campus atmosphere. I'm just not prepared for all the work haha.

My blog today focuses on one of the most underrated tools for college students today. It is the website called ratemyprofessors.com. Now this site has been criticized by some people before, as it critiques teachers harshly (too harshly). I honestly believe it is a necessary and useful site for all of us.

As useful as this site might be, it has some flaws as well. Now I'm here to point out a couple of them.

Negative Ratings

So there is a class that fits your schedule perfectly. You look up the professor on the website and the ratings aren't so great. Well examine it with a grain of salt.

More than half of the time, there are students who go on the website to vent their emotional bias toward a professor. They offer no objectivity nor helpfulness, pretty much just a waste of time. It's up to you how you can judge this.

For example, there are students that go on and leave a short message like "OMG COULDN'T STAND HIM. WILL NOT TAKE EVER AGAIN." I mean, that doesn't tell us anything. Now maybe a comment like this could certainly help you make a decision: "Class is a lot of work. Attendance is required and be prepared to take a lot of notes. Overall a fair grader and teacher." At this point you can draw a much better conclusion of what to expect and whether you would like this kind of professor or not.

Majority Rules

This one is a simple concept. If you see a professor with a couple ratings that were in the negative side, then don't be afraid to take their classes. Granted, if the ratings went into extreme details of the professors' class and it doesn't fit you, then ignore it. Most of the time, however, there won't be too many details on those short-listed ones. It will more than likely mean that the professor is new and is adjusting to the university themselves.


What is overrated? It's none other than the easiness rating. From my experiences, these easiness ratings are never what I expect them to be. Remember, every student has their own "easiness" rating, so even if it is a low rating, that doesn't necessarily mean you will think it's easy. Instead of focusing on the numbers on the site, try focusing on the text. See what the students had to say about this professor. Was the comment objective? Was it helpful? What is the majority saying?

That pretty much sums up how I use ratemyprofessors. I should advise that this site is not the 100% answer to your college life with classes, but it should help one way or another.

Hope you enjoyed the blog. Make sure to follow me on Twitter and/or add me on Facebook. I'd be happy to chat about anything.


Less Than A Week Away!

Are you guys excited? School is back and it's time to welcome the newest members to our great school. Thursdays marks the first day of classes and I'm already hearing a lot of anticipation and excitement in the atmosphere. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, the university has a lot of great activities planned for the students, so make sure you take advantage of it.

Amidst all this excitement, Hurricane Irene hovers over us and it's supposedly hitting it big here tomorrow. I won't lie, I am slightly frightened. I am hoping that no one gets hurt and the power doesn't go out here. It's going to be pretty frustrating to stay in the house if all the power is out.

By the way, I see everyone asking this on the Class of 2015 Facebook Group for UML students: "Where do we purchase our books and how do we know which ones are correct?" Well the answer is pretty simple for me. Wait until the first day of classes! The professors will clearly tell you what books you will need and where to get it. I personally use Amazon for all my purchases as they have used books at an affordable price. Anyhow, if you are worried about "not having the books in time," then don't worry about that. The professors won't be as harsh. I do understand though, for the students living in dorms, need to create a mailbox for delivery and such, but if you are willing to save some bucks, I'd suggest you create one anyway.

I won't have my first day of classes until Wednesday of next week, so I am going to get even more rest and video gaming into my system. A new semester always comes with a lot of pressure, but sometimes it's fun to tackle that pressure. I wish you all the best of luck this semester!

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