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Go for it - Part 2

If you haven't read the first part, go ahead and read it right here. I shall continue!

Let me start off by saying that yes, I secured the internship with the Boston Bruins! Needless to express, I am extremely excited and thankful for the opportunity. As I was writing that previous blog, I had already received a phone call from the Bruins telling me that things were looking good. It was a huge confidence booster and made me more optimistic. Things just fell into place the way I wanted it to. I realized later that this internship was a tough get and I panned out. People congratulated me and told me that I should be happy and proud. The only word I can think of and really relate to is "thankful."

So I had a week or two to sit back and really think about what is ahead of me. I know for a fact that many students are or have been at where I am at currently. I only have a year of college left and the real world is right before my eyes. It's been a confusing and ambitious thought process, and to be honest, I still think about it every night. Allow me to elaborate a bit.

Inevitably, the biggest thing facing the class of 2013 is the job market. I am sure that the previous grads also had trouble with the market, but the market isn't all that strong and competition is all around the country. Massachusetts is a pretty competitive state when it comes to securing jobs. Because of these reasons, I cannot help but to think and question myself. Did I do enough and am I good enough to obtain a job? Even if it's a year away, it seems like it's getting closer day by day. Too close almost.

I think being concerned about the future is enough, but tie that in with all the little stresses of life, you are guaranteed to get a little crazy. Maybe some students don't over-think like I do (I am jealous), so it may be hard to relate. When I'm by myself, I think about too many things and over analyze things a bit too much. I know other students that go through the same process and we all should realize that it's not the healthiest thing for our lives.

Now here is my attempt to ridiculously tie my internship into all of those things. As I have mentioned, I did not expect anything when I sent in my application for the internship. I took the challenge head on if you will, and did not fear the result. I've had the same approach with a lot of things throughout my life and it mostly turned out for the better. Instead of worrying so much about the little things, I made a decision and took it in stride. I have lost my way a little bit in the last couple of weeks with so much thinking, but I'm trying to remind myself how I even got here in the first place. I encourage all of you to do the same if you are going through a similar time as I am.

Next blog, I would love to discuss the article on the Globe Magazine about UMass Lowell with Marty Meehan, our chancellor. It was a good read and you can find that here.

Til next time,


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