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                Today was my group interviews for freshman orientation leaders!  I thought it went pretty well.  I met some new friends today and it was a great preview to this summer if I get the job.  Tomorrow, I have my personal interview for the job.  Wish me luck!

                Last nightís hockey game was awesome.  UML defeated Providence 4-0.  UML is only about 2 point from 3rd place in Hockey East.  Even after some struggles throughout the season, UML still had a good overall season.  Hopefully they can stay hot for the rest of the season and postseason!

                My mind is pretty focused on the freshman orientation leader job, so I really do not have much else to talk about.  I promise to let you all know how tomorrow goes!  I should find out whether I got the job or not by Friday!  Talk to you all soon!

A Nice, Long Weekend



                This has been a great long weekend so far!  After my class yesterday, I decided to go home for a couple nights.  Then, at around five, I get a text message from my friends and they decided to go to the hockey game.  Iím really glad I decided to go back to Lowell to watch the game.  UML won 4-1 over BC!  This is why I love UML.  I am able to live on campus and my house is only a quick 15 minute drive away.  If I decide to go home for a weekend, I can always go back to campus if something exciting is happening. 

                I sent in my application to become a Freshman Orientation Leader for this summer.  The last weekend of February is called Selection Weekend.  I have interviews all weekend.  Iíll update you all on how it goes!

                This week will be very busy for me because I have 3 tests and a lab report due next Monday.  Hopefully Iíll have time to write a quick post on here.  If for some reason I canít write this week, I hope you all have a great Valentineís Day and a great week!.  Talk to you soon!

Well, tomorrow is move-in day part 2.  Tomorrow is the first day for student to move into the residence halls for the spring semester.  Originally, the halls were not going to open until Sunday, but because of the huge hockey game tomorrow night (against Boston College), the school is allowing students to move in a day early.  Unfortunately, Iím working all day until 4, but I will be moving in immediately after work.  I canít wait to see all my friends again!  (And for the great hockey game too!)


The first week of classes is always interesting and exciting.  Everything is new.  Teachers, classmates, material, etc.  I really think I will enjoy my schedule very much this semester.  My favorite part could be the fact that I do not have any classes on Friday afternoons! (Iím actually done by 11!)  Last semester on Fridays, I had a lab that sometimes didnít end until 4:30.  Letís just say that it wasnít one of my favorite experiences of my first semester.  I canít wait for the new semester to start!


            Moving into the residence halls this semester will be completely different from last semester.  Last semester, all incoming freshman, including me, were complete strangers to the school.  We had very few, if any friends, and some might say it was kind of scary.  Now, we all have already made great friendships that will last a lifetime.  I can honestly say I will never forget my first semester of freshman year, and I am looking forward to the rest of my career here at UML.


            Well, thatís all I have to say for now.  I guess I should start packingÖor find another way to procrastinate!



                It finally snowed!  Now it finally feels like the Christmas season!

                Anyway, this has been a pretty busy week or two.  I did end up going to UNH to see some high school friends which was awesome.  I also went to the UML vs. UNH hockey game on Friday night at UNH too, but Lowell lost.  That is what I love about Lowell.  I can go see some friends at almost any local college.  Itís great!  And here at UML, the semester is winding down which means one thing: exams, assignments, and then finals.  Iím not stressed out so Iím feeling pretty good though!

                But back to what everyone cares about: snow.  I actually love snow.  So far, I donít even mind walking to class in the snow.  Although this afternoon trying to jump over puddles 6 inches deep was an adventure.  Now, it finally feels like winter and the holiday season.  Speaking of holiday season, winter break is coming really fast.  I go home in about 12 days.  My first semester of college is almost over!  I canít believe it!

                I hope you are all enjoying the snow like all of us here at UML. (Although a snow day would have been awesomeÖ)  And donít forget, less than 16 more days for Christmas shopping!  Wow, I guess I should get started on the whole shopping thingÖ

                The semester is winding down.  Teachers are talking about finals.  Every teacher is giving assignments.  And Christmas is coming. (Only about 3 weeks of shopping left!)  Letís just say itís going to be a very busy next couple weeks.

                I think I am going up to UNH this weekend to see some friends from high school and it is a good way to escape from the workload since it is the end of the semester and before finals.  Plus, UML is playing at UNH in hockey, so I am going to try and see the game.  And hopefully Iíll be able to have bragging rights for the rest of the night. 

                If you want to get involved then I highly suggest intramurals.  They are really fun.  We just got a bunch of us together and started an indoor soccer team.  Half of the team never played soccer before, but it was still fun.  We did somehow win a playoff game though!  And it was great to play soccer.  I love soccer but I havenít played for two years!

                I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season so far!  Talk to you all soon!

                Hello again!

                This week is going to be awesome!   It is almost 70 degrees out and I have almost no homework! Plus there are no classes tomorrow!  It feels just like spring though.  Everyone is outside walking around, playing catch, or if you are like me, running or throwing a Frisbee around.  I just wish this weather would last!  This weather makes me wonder why I didnít go to school in the south, but then I realize I could never leave New England.

                The hockey team had a good weekend.  They tied Vermont on Friday and beat UNH on Sunday.  According to some rankings, they are in the top five in the country!  Unfortunately, there are no home games this weekend, but they are having a great season so far!

                This semester is going by really fast!  If I counted correctly, I have less than 5 weeks of classes until finals.  But that just means one thing: the holidays are coming!  Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday.  How can you resist turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, potatoes, and more?  Plus, having four days with no classes is good too.  Only 2 more weeks! 

                Well this blog included a little bit of everything.  Iíll write again soon!


                I am amazed at how fast this semester is going!  If you thought high school went by fast, college is going at the speed of light!  It is already late October and we are quickly approaching November.  We are now at the advising period for spring semester.  Every student must meet with their advisor before they are able to pick classes for next semester.  I canít wait to pick classes next semester.  No more Friday afternoon lab!

                Iím still trying to decide what to be for Halloween.  Iím leaning towards being Brett Favre because apparently, I look like him.  (I donít see it, but all my friends somehow see it, so Iíll just go with it)  This is going to be the first year in a long time I wonít be passing out candy for trick-or-treaters.  Itís going to be different being on campus for Halloween, but it will be fun!

                The UML hockey team had a great weekend.  They defeated Colgate 5-3 on Friday and defeated Northeastern 3-1 on Saturday. I have some high school friends who go to Northeastern, so itís good to have some bragging rights too.  Iím a huge hockey fan so Iím glad I decided to go to a hockey university. Going to the games are really fun and me and my friends are considering trying to road trip to some of the away games too!  I canít wait for Friday when we play BU. Go Riverhawks!

                Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!  Talk to you all soon!

                Hello again!

                There is a lot going on around campus right now.  Columbus Day weekend is this weekend so everybody is making plans to go home and visit old friends, but unfortunately, teachers arenít letting up the workload.  Iím really looking forward to the three day weekend, although I really donít have any plans for it yet.  The weekend of October 24/25 is Homecoming/Family Weekend here at UML.  There will be activities and food so it will be a good time.  Plus UML hockey is having their home opener that weekend so Iím really looking forward to that!  On November 1 (Did I really just mention November? Wow this semester is going by fast!), UML will be hosting their open house.  I vividly remember going last year and I learned a lot.  It was on that day I realized I wanted to come here, and I do not regret it!  While walking around campus, if you see me and recognize me do not be afraid to come up to me to say hi.  Also, you can ask anybody around campus questions.  Everybody will happily answer your questions or gladly give you directions.  Iíve been here a month and I still do not know my way perfectly around the city, but Iím learning.  (Slowly, but Iím learning)  Thatís just a little summary of whatís going on around campus in the next couple weeks. 

                Well, thatís all for now.  October will be a very busy month and it will go by fast, but November is coming and that just means one thing: Thanksgiving.  But that might be for a different time.  Talk to you soon!

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