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                Hello again!

                Unfortunately, I finally got sick.  This is the first time Iíve been sick so far this semester.  Some people have already been sick three times, so I guess I have been pretty lucky.  One thing I love about UMass Lowell is its location.  I live on campus, but my house is only 10 minutes away from campus.   Last Friday I felt awful, but since I live so close to school, I was able to go home for the weekend with no problems.  If I went to a university far away, I definitely would not have been able to go home.  I am feeling a lot better now though, which is good since I had a Biology exam today.

                Ultimate Frisbee is winding down for the semester.  There is one week left, but luckily we do play during the spring semester too.  Hopefully weíll be able to have some pick-up games during November if itís not too cold.  Since Ultimate Frisbee is ending, me and some other friends decided to start an intramural indoor soccer team, which actually starts on Monday.  As you can probably tell, I like to be constantly doing something.  Plus my grades are always better if I am always busy.

                Letís just hope this weekend is better than last weekend!  Talk to you soon!



Hello! My name is Steven Lacourciere and I am an incoming freshman at UMass Lowell.  Iím from Methuen, Massachusetts. If you arenít from the area, Methuen is about a 10-15 minute drive from Lowell. I graduated from Central Catholic High School.  I will be majoring in Biology and I will be living on campus.  Many people find this weird, but I love to run and Iím really excited to use the Recreation Center on campus.  I am planning on joining the Ultimate Frisbee club in the fall too.  In high school, I ran cross country and played soccer.  I learned in high school that getting involved is great way to meet new people and really feel that you belong in the community, so Iím trying to do the same here at UMass Lowell.

Well this was just a mini introduction and I will try to blog as often as possible to keep you all updated on student life on campus.  And if any of you have any questions about the school, student life, being a freshman etc, do not be afraid to ask me in the comments section.  You can ask me about anything!  I will answer all of your questions honestly.  I canít wait until August 29 to move in!  Iíll talk to you all very soon!

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