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Today is August 18 and move-in day is only 11 days away!  Summer is coming to a screeching halt, but I think Iím ready.  I bought all the big things like a bed comforter and sheets, refrigerators, and a tv.  Now Iím working on the small stuff like some new clothes, food, etc.  Iíve never met my roommate, but I talked to him online and he seems really nice.  Heís bringing a microwave and I am bringing a tv.  We are both bringing a refrigerator.  You canít have too much space for extra food and drinks right?

Although I am excited for school, I will miss summer.  Iíll miss going to the beach and yes I will even miss these 95 degree days.  Iím not sure if Iíll miss working 25 to 30 hours a week, but having the extra money will be very helpful during the year.  Although I am quite lucky I was even able to find a job this summer since I know a couple of my friends couldnít find work.  I do have a feeling that I will become a poor college student soon.  I donít know how, but everyone seems to become poor in college.

It is somewhat depressing that summer is ending, but it is exciting to be starting college in less than two weeks.  This is a major step in my life and I plan to take full advantage of this opportunity.  I wish tomorrow was Augsut 29th!

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