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                Hello again!

                Unfortunately, I finally got sick.  This is the first time Iíve been sick so far this semester.  Some people have already been sick three times, so I guess I have been pretty lucky.  One thing I love about UMass Lowell is its location.  I live on campus, but my house is only 10 minutes away from campus.   Last Friday I felt awful, but since I live so close to school, I was able to go home for the weekend with no problems.  If I went to a university far away, I definitely would not have been able to go home.  I am feeling a lot better now though, which is good since I had a Biology exam today.

                Ultimate Frisbee is winding down for the semester.  There is one week left, but luckily we do play during the spring semester too.  Hopefully weíll be able to have some pick-up games during November if itís not too cold.  Since Ultimate Frisbee is ending, me and some other friends decided to start an intramural indoor soccer team, which actually starts on Monday.  As you can probably tell, I like to be constantly doing something.  Plus my grades are always better if I am always busy.

                Letís just hope this weekend is better than last weekend!  Talk to you soon!

Mid-October Update


            Hello readers!

            The campus has been pretty quiet recently.  It is probably due to Columbus Day weekend, midterms, the cooling weather, or even all three.  Luckily, I have no midterms this semester! (But, unfortunately, I still had a couple exams but they werenít cumulative)  The workload doesnít ruin the college experience!

            Iím still playing ultimate Frisbee, although it is pretty hard trying to throw and catch a Frisbee in the wind and when your hands are numb from the cold, but it is still awesome.  Iíve met a lot of friends through this club and it is highly recommended you join a club and get involved.  Me and some friends may start an indoor soccer intramural team for the late fall and winter too.  I miss playing soccer.  I played for basically my entire life but stopped playing junior year in high school.  It would be great to start playing again!  And Iíve even began running again too.  I have only ran a couple times since Iíve moved on campus in August, but I have ran maybe 4 of the last 6 days so Iím getting back into the groove!  Nothing feels better than a long distance run at 6:30 in the morning along the Merrimack River!

            College life is a blast and everyone that says college is completely different than high school is correct, although I think I have adjusted pretty well so far.  Thatís all I have to say for now.  Talk to you soon!

Today is Monday and this is the first full week of classes!  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, all the teachers are really nice and are eager to help you learn the material.  UMass Lowell does offer tutors in various buildings on all the campuses.  I have a Calculus exam next Monday and a Biology exam next Friday.  Now I'll get to see what college academics are really like.  Wish me luck!  I had my first labs last week too.  They were mostly about laboratory safety, but I canít wait until we start doing actual labs!  Summer is officially over!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I joined the Ultimate Frisbee club.  I had two practices last week and it was really fun.  We threw the Frisbee around and scrimmaged.  There were about 30-35 players total.  We play different college teams and attend many tournaments, but freshman usually do not play since the upperclassmen are more experienced.  My friends and I are considering making an intramural softball team, but weíll see how that goes because we are running out of time since rosters are due in a couple days.  I highly advise getting involved in different clubs and activities.  I already met so many people and made new friends!

Well Iím going to go grab something to eat and get ready for the Pats game at 7.  GO PATS!  Talk to you later!

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