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                Hello again!

                This past weekend, me and my friends walked around Lowell again.  It was really fun and we are definitely going to do it again soon.  We probably walked around for over three hours.  There is always something to do here, whether it is walking around, going into the small shops, restaurants, etc.  Or even just going to the recreation center to work out, going to a Spinners game, going to the various sporting events on campus, or joining the 80+ clubs on campus.  Letís just say that Iím never bored while Iím on campus.  Iím actually almost disappointed when I have to go home!

                And Sunday might have been my most interesting day on campus so far and probably will be for awhile.  On Sunday morning at breakfast, one of my friends said randomly that he wanted a turtle.  One of the RAís in my dorm mentioned that he had a turtle at his house and that he would let us borrow it for the year.  (This is just an example of how nice and friendly the RAs are.  This particular RA sometimes even hangs out with us) So like six of us travelled to Tewksbury to pick up a turtle.  Then the house next door was having a yard sale so we checked it out.  Combined, we got a coffee table, small speakers, an ice bucket, and an old laptop from like the 1980s or something for 12 dollars.  (They threw the laptop in for free)  In one day we all got a turtle, a coffee table, an ice bucket, and speakers, plus an extremely old-fashioned laptop that might even be worth something because itís vintage.  Out of all of us, 4 have a quad so they got the coffee table and we decided to put the turtle in their room too.  I did miss the Pats game, but from what Iíve heard about it, Iím kind of glad I missed it.  Now thatís a Sunday afternoon! 

                Iím having a lot of fun and loving college life.  Well, thatís all for now.  Now you all just have to wait to see whatís going to happen to me this week!

Today is Monday and this is the first full week of classes!  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, all the teachers are really nice and are eager to help you learn the material.  UMass Lowell does offer tutors in various buildings on all the campuses.  I have a Calculus exam next Monday and a Biology exam next Friday.  Now I'll get to see what college academics are really like.  Wish me luck!  I had my first labs last week too.  They were mostly about laboratory safety, but I canít wait until we start doing actual labs!  Summer is officially over!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I joined the Ultimate Frisbee club.  I had two practices last week and it was really fun.  We threw the Frisbee around and scrimmaged.  There were about 30-35 players total.  We play different college teams and attend many tournaments, but freshman usually do not play since the upperclassmen are more experienced.  My friends and I are considering making an intramural softball team, but weíll see how that goes because we are running out of time since rosters are due in a couple days.  I highly advise getting involved in different clubs and activities.  I already met so many people and made new friends!

Well Iím going to go grab something to eat and get ready for the Pats game at 7.  GO PATS!  Talk to you later!

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