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Finals Week



                Well, the dreaded finals week is upon us.  Tomorrow is the last day of classes and then finals get underway.  I have a final on Thursday, a final on Friday, and two finals on Monday.  Personally, I donít think my schedule is that bad.  Unfortunately, my two hardest finals are the two that are on Monday.  Iím still in shock that 8 days from right now, Iíll be home for a little over 3 months.  I feel like summer vacation has officially snuck up on me.  But I think the bigger surprise is that my undergraduate career is just about half over. 

                I received an e-mail from ResLife saying all of the auto-allocations have been completed.  I did retain my current room at the ICC, but this e-mail was sent to all UML students.  This means that all housing assignments have been completed.  So if you did sign up for housing, you can check out the housing gateway on the ResLifeís website.  The credentials to log in are your ISIS name and password. 

                Well, I guess it is time to say goodbye for now.  I should probably get back to studying aka try to find another way to procrastinateÖ


                Can you believe its almost Thanksgiving?  This semester absolutely flew by!  I feel like I was just moving into the ICC, and now Iím preparing myself for the final push of the semester.  On another note, I am definitely changing majors to math.  I just need to decide which concentration to study.  I am deciding between applied mathematics or bioinformatics.  I am going to wait until I take a computing class next semester until I make my decision. 

                Although itís only Thanksgiving, I feel that Christmas decorations are everywhere.  There are holiday wreaths around Lowell, and when I went to the mall, they were playing Christmas music and Santaís village was set up already.  I love Christmas as much as anyone, but isnít it early?  Iím not complaining, but just stating what Iím seeing.

                I think I mentioned it in a previous blog, but some friends and I are playing intramural soccer.  Itís really fun and itís great to kick a soccer ball around every once in awhile.  I do actually miss playing it sometimes.  Once you play a sport for over 10 years and then stop playing, itís only natural to miss it.

                Thatís all I have to say for now.  Talk to you al very soon!

Classes, ICC and More!



                Another school year has begun and the stress has started as well.  Professors passing out syllabi and you witness the workload.  Multiply that by 4 classes plus 2 labs and stress will kick in quickly.  Usually, the workload is never as bad as it seems.  So far, it isnít too bad.  The stress of a new semester had me doubting whether to continue my minor in Math, but I decided to keep going.  I know Iíll appreciate it when I have completed the requirements! (HopefullyÖ)

                I mentioned it previously, but I absolutely love living at the ICC.  My friends and I have probably already just walked around downtown at least 3 or 4 times within the last 2 weeks.  We love trying new restaurants, going into different shops, and much more.  Today we tried a new cafť and it was actually really cool.  I advise any new student at UML to just take a walk with some friends through downtown.  It really is fun!

                On a different note, I gave blood for the first time yesterday.  Luckily, I wasnít nervous.  I had the afternoon off from classes so I figured I would do it.  It was a good experience and it feels great to help out others.  Plus, I donít know my blood type so it will be interesting to see what it is too!

                Thatís all I have for now.  Talk to you all soon!

Classes Have Begun!



                Well, the first two days of classes are officially over.  I have had all of my lectures at least once.  The classes seem difficult (I mean who honestly thinks organic chemistry is easy), but at least they seem interesting.  I also like all of my professors, which is always a good thing! I just have to see how labs go once they start!  It is looking like a good academic year so far!

                Living at the ICC is suck a different experience, but it is awesome, especially the AC this week!  To all those living in dorms without AC II definitely feel for you.  My friends and I love everything about it, whether it is the bigger beds, living in downtown Lowell, having our own bathrooms, etc.  The only downside I can think of is trying to catch shuttles.  But honestly, it is not that big of a problem.  It is already becoming routine so I am already getting used to it.  Once it becomes routine, I wonít think anything of it.

                I hope everyoneís school year is off to a great start.  Thatís all I have to say for now, but I promise to write again soon!


                Well I am in full swing summer mode!  Iím working 30 plus hours a week and hanging out with friends constantly.  Luckily I am keeping busy and the boredom bug hasnít bitten me yet.  Also, I am pretty lucky I have a job.  I know of a lot of people that canít find a job and they have applied to over 20 places!  So my advice is that anyone who currently has a job for the summer should definitely try to somehow keep it for next summer.

                Me and my friends got the your space group!  We are all living within 10 rooms at the ICC next year!  Letís just say that we are pretty excited.  Like I mentioned earlier, each your space group has a interest.  Our interest is movies and literature.  UML will give us money to run programs about our topic.  So this means that we can go out to the movies, discuss book, order pizza for a movie night, etc.  I hope you hear about our programs and come to them next semester!  They will be fun!

                Summer has been going great so far, plus there is still 3 months!  But I donít know whether that is a good thing or bad thing.  I am also definitely blogging for the summer so you will be hearing more from me in the upcoming months!  Talk to you soon!

Hello Summer!


                Hello again!

                Finals are over!  I am all moved out of Lowell and back home for the summer.  I canít believe my freshman year is over.  Over the last day or two I have been reflecting the past year of my life.  I must say that it has been a great time.  Iím looking forward to summer, but Iíll miss Lowell for the next few months!

                Unfortunately, my friends and I have not heard anything definitive about our Your Space Group.  A Your Space Group is a great way for upperclassmen to live near each other.  If we get the group, then we all have guaranteed housing at the ICC, or the Inn & Conference Center.  By getting the group, my group of friends will have rooms right next to each other at the ICC.  The University will also give us $500 dollars to run programs.  If chosen, we will run programs about movies and books.  Our programs will be a great way to meet other people who share the same interest as us.  Plus living near all of our friends in downtown Lowell is a great plus as well!  Iíll let you all know when we hear a decision!  Hopefully it is soon!

                Now, Iím just relaxing and de-stressing from finals, which pretty much means Iíll be sleeping for the next 24 hours.  Now that it is finally summer, it is time to work and hang out with friends.  I plan on blogging throughout the summer, so if any new coming freshman or transfer students have any questions leading up to the Fall semester do not be afraid to ask!  You can ask it here in the comments section, drop me an e-mail (steven_lacourciere@student.uml.edu) or join the facebook page for the UML class of 2014 (or if you are a transfer student your respective class year).  Talk to you soon and enjoy not studying!

                Hello again!

                Well, it is that time of year again.  It is finally May and summer is quickly approaching.  Sitting at a computer and writing papers and studying for exams while it is 90 degrees and sunny outside is nearly impossible.  This is when doing schoolwork is extremely difficult.  The only thing that is keeping me somewhat motivated is that there is only 8 days of classes left.  Plus, there is a chance I only have two finals!  My college writing final is a research paper and if I have a good enough quiz average I do not need to take my chemistry final! 

                This spring is a lot different than last spring.  Last spring I was worried about senior prom, graduation, and finding a summer job.  This year, I just need to survive that last couple weeks of classes and finals.  Luckily I already have a summer job so I do not have to go job hunting! (Although I should call soon to tell them I can start working againÖ)

                I still havenít heard about the Your Space Group.  Room selection is quickly approaching so I would assume we will hear about it this week.  We canít wait to live at the ICC so we are desperately hoping we get this!  As soon as I hear anything Iíll let you know!

                Thatís all I have for now.  I hope you are enjoying the spring as much as I am!  Talk to you soon!

It's Almost May!?



                Iím sorry I havenít written a post in awhile.  School has been crazy!  Every week is filled with exams, quizzes, papers, lab reports, and that doesnít include having some sort of social life. 

                This weather is awesome!  I would say sunny and mid 60s in late April would be a win.  I can only hope that it stays around for awhile.  (Please? It would be great if mother nature could cooperateÖ)  Unfortunately I heard it will rain over the weekend, but hopefully this great weather returns next week!

                April is flying by!  I canít believe it is April 22.  I have less than 3 weeks of classes left and then my freshman year is over!  I canít believe it!  I feel like I just moved in last week.  I canít believed I moved into Lowell almost 8 months ago!  Although school has been a blast, summer will be just as fun!

                In an earlier post, I mentioned me and my friends applied for a Your Space Group.  This group would guarantee us rooms at the coveted ICC in downtown Lowell.  At the ICC, we have larger rooms, larger beds, plus our own bathroom.  We had an interview yesterday and it went very well.  It sounded like we got one of the open slots! (They are accepting between 5-7 groups for the year)

                Well, thatís all for now.  I hope you are all having a great spring!  Iíll update you all on the Your Space Group and Spring Carnival next week!  Talk to you soon!

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