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                It finally snowed!  Now it finally feels like the Christmas season!

                Anyway, this has been a pretty busy week or two.  I did end up going to UNH to see some high school friends which was awesome.  I also went to the UML vs. UNH hockey game on Friday night at UNH too, but Lowell lost.  That is what I love about Lowell.  I can go see some friends at almost any local college.  Itís great!  And here at UML, the semester is winding down which means one thing: exams, assignments, and then finals.  Iím not stressed out so Iím feeling pretty good though!

                But back to what everyone cares about: snow.  I actually love snow.  So far, I donít even mind walking to class in the snow.  Although this afternoon trying to jump over puddles 6 inches deep was an adventure.  Now, it finally feels like winter and the holiday season.  Speaking of holiday season, winter break is coming really fast.  I go home in about 12 days.  My first semester of college is almost over!  I canít believe it!

                I hope you are all enjoying the snow like all of us here at UML. (Although a snow day would have been awesomeÖ)  And donít forget, less than 16 more days for Christmas shopping!  Wow, I guess I should get started on the whole shopping thingÖ

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