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I Finally Began Tutoring



                I finally started tutoring this week!  I am actually tutoring for about 16 hours a week, although Iím really not complaining because it keeps me busy.  The busier I am, the better I perform in school.  Itís weird, I know, but as long as I am keeping busy, I donít become lazy.  The only problem that may arise is during exam weeks, but I have an exam later today, and I didnít have a problem this week, so weíll see.  This just means that I donít see any problems arising in the future!

                I enjoy tutoring too.  I like the fact that if I have to help a student in calculus I, II or III, I am forced to look over that material again.  It is amazing all of the stuff I forget.  Because I previously learned it, most of the time it comes right back to me after reading the section.  I am glad I am working on these skills again.  As a math major, you can never have too much practice on the basics of calculus.

                Besides me finally starting tutoring, there really hasnít been too much new in my life.  Like I said, now that Iím working 16 hours a week, plus classes and homework, there hasnít been too much free time the last couple days.  Donít worry, I still set some time aside for some fun.  I mean I am a college student, so I should have some fun, right?

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