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Up, Up and Away! How to upload a PDF in Collage!


Recently many people have approached the Web Content Office about problems they’re having Uploading PDFs into Collage. The good news is you don’t have to be a superhero to upload a PDF or other document or image. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to do it faster than a speeding locomotive.

We also have blog entries on how to upload documents in a task, how to upload images and how to replace one PDF with another.

Please note: Firefox does not work correctly with Collage when uploading documents, images and more.  It will let you go through all the steps but nothing will appear in your folder. Please use Internet Explorer for uploading in Collage.

1. The first step you should take in any Collage endeavor is to sign into Collage and create a new task. If you’re fuzzy on how to do this, then please follow the steps in this blog entry.

2.    Once you've created the task, go into your Collage Inbox by selecting Home and Inbox. Then select the task you've just created and click on the blue name of it to open the task -  listed under task name, under Current Tasks and Notifications.


3.    Once inside the task click on Assets.

4.    Then click Upload and a new window will open.


4a. If upload is greyed out or unavailable to you, click on content and select the folder you wish to upload the file to. Then follow these other steps (for the most part they'll be the same - aside from having to select a folder which you've already done).

5.    Select Add Files.


6.    Another window will open – select Browse.


7.    Browse to where the PDF you wish to upload is (an easy way is to just save it to your desktop). Once you’ve found the PDF, click on it and select Open.


8.    Back in the Upload File window – click on OK.


9.    Next you’ll need to select a Deploy Folder – the folder where you wish to upload the PDF too. Click on the little square with the red exclamation point next to it next to the Deploy Folder column.


10.    Now you’ll need to navigate to your Department etc.’s folder. Start by clicking the plus sign next to uml.edu and then next to Main UML Website.


11.    Scroll down to the appropriate place (in this example the School of Health & Environment (SHE) which is located within the college folder. Most of the time you’ll want to add the PDF (or similar documents) to a Documents folder which is often abbreviated as Docs. Click on that folder. If you don’t see one then upload it into your overall department folder and e-mail webcontent@uml.edu And ask for them to be moved or for a docs folder to be created.


12.    You’ll notice the folder name and path will be added to the right of the Deploy Folder column and the red exclamation point has become a green check mark.


13.    If you wish to add more files to be uploaded to that same folder then select add files and follow the steps above again. If you’re done adding files then click on Upload.


14.    You’ll notice that the PDF will be added to the Asset list in your task. Next click on Overview to go back to that part of your task.


15.    Remember now that you’ve uploaded the PDF you still need to link it somewhere so that others can find it. You’ll need to add the page you wish to link it on and create the link – both of which we have blog entries to help you with.

Remember PDFs and other similar documents should open in a NEW window.

16.    Once you’re done creating your link, make sure to preview it and check that it works correctly. Then mark your task done and send it along for approval. There are two ways to mark your part of the task done - see the images below:




Up Up And Away! How to UPload Images in a task.


Having trouble uploading your images into Collage? Wondering why it takes so long for your task with new pictures in it to be approved or why they are a different size afterward? Let me explain and hopefully we can help each other.

Photos for the web should be: 72 dpi, 200 pixels wide (64 for a thumbnail), optimized for web, saved as a jpeg (.jpg) according to the University’s Standards Guide.

That said, if you don’t have Photoshop or a similar image manipulation program, this may be a little difficult for you to do. So you have a couple of options:

1.    Email the photos to webcontent@uml.edu and request that they be re-sized and optimized – make sure to tell us where you want them to go and what the name of the task in Collage that they are associated with.

2.    Another option is to do #1 but also upload and place the original (non-optimized photos) on to a page in Collage – that way we know better where you want the new versions to go in the context of your page(s).

3.    You can call the Help Desk @ 4357 and inquire about getting Photoshop installed on your computer and you can then re-size and optimize the pictures yourself and then upload them.

Once you’ve re-sized your photos it’s easy to upload them like any other file. For those directions check out this blog entry on uploading files within a task.

For further help with images please see these three blog entries that explain in further detail how to work with images in Collage:

The End.

Uploading a New File Within A Task


Having trouble uploading new documents, pictures etc. inside a task? Or adding pages and files that are already inside Collage to a task. Here are some easy steps to make this a breeze.

1.    Go to your Inbox in Collage and select a task you’ve already created by clicking on the blue highlighted name under the Task Name column. Otherwise create a new task by clicking on the New button.
Thumbnail image for go_to_inbox.jpg

Thumbnail image for task_name.jpg

2.    Once inside the task click on Assets and you’ll see the screen with a list of assets (pages, files etc.) associated with your task. This will be empty until you add these to it.

Thumbnail image for click_on_assets.jpg

This is what the empty assets list looks like.


3.    To add a page or document that’s already in Collage click on Add. If you’re uploading something new skip ahead to # 8.


4.    A pop up window will open and you’ll then navigate through the files to the appropriate page/file. Notice once you click on the file it will be added to the box on the bottom of the page.


5.    Once you’ve selected all of the pages/files you wish to add click on OK. You will get a message saying the file(s) were successfully added to the task and they will show up under the assets list.


6.    Now click on overview and then select the file you wish to edit from the Assets box by clicking on the file name highlighted in blue.



7.    A pop up window will open with your file. Make the changes, save and preview them and when you’re done editing all of your files mark the task done and send it along for approval. You can mark it done by clicking on the done button, or by clicking on the little arrow to the right of the task name and then selecting done.



8.    To UPLOAD A NEW DOCUMENT into the task first go into the assets page (see step #2)

9.    Then click on upload. A pop up window will open.


10.    From the new window, select the deploy folder you wish the new document to be uploaded to by clicking on the button at the end of that box. (This folder is where you’ll be able to find it in the future after you’re done using it in this task). Notice there is a RED ! and the end of the deploy folder line signifying that this step must be completed before continuing.


11.    A new window entitled Select Deploy Folder will open. Navigate through the folders to the appropriate folder and select it. Keep in mind the files need to go into the appropriate folders in order to work – PDF’s etc. into documents folders, pictures into images folders etc.


12.    Once you select the folder you’ll notice it’s added to the Deploy Folder line and the red! becomes a green check mark.


13.    Now you need to actually upload the new document/image/file. Click on Add files.


14.    Another window will open and you’ll need to click on Browse (next to another red !).

15.    Yet another window will open, and you’ll need to navigate around on your computer to wherever the file you wish to upload has been saved. To make this easy you may just want to save the files to your desktop and always upload them from there.


16.    Select the file and hit open.


17.    Then hit "ok" on the Upload file screen.


18.    Then you’ll need to hit upload on that first pop up window. However if you’re uploading more than 1 new file TO THE SAME FOLDER, click on add files and go back to step #13. Once you’re done click on upload.


19.    The file will then be added to the assets list.


20.    If you need to upload more new files, but to different folders, go back to step #9 and re-start until you have all of the files uploaded you want to.

21.    (Go to step #6) Make your edits and mark your task done and send it along for approval.

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