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Your Seal of Approval! How To Do A Department Approve.



In some Colleges, departments etc. there is a step in the Collage editing process called "Department Approve". This means that once an editor finishes making his or her edits and marks it done that it still needs department approval before coming to the web content team for final approval and publishing.

Note: this step is not in all templates in Collage. Some go straight from edit to approve with no department approval in between. If you need this step added or removed please contact the Web Content team at 978-934-3975 or webcontent@uml.edu.

Users from these steps can be removed when you create a task by following the directions in the Removing or Adding Users (Editors) In A New Task blog entry.

However if it is you that is the designated department approver – here’s how to check the task and either mark it approved or send it back for edits. Here is how:

  1. Sign Into Collage.
  2. Once you sign in you *should* be in your Inbox under Home. If not, click on the arrow and select Inbox.


3. In your inbox you should see a list of tasks that you either created and are editing or that need your approval. You can differentiate that by the “State Name.” Yours should say “Department Approve.”

4. To open a particular task just click on the highlighted blue task name.

5. This will take you inside a task.
Once you open it you should see something like this listed under Department Approve.


6. Once inside the task, click on the preview box and a window will pop up with what the edited page will look like “live.” Just check it over.



7. If everything looks fine and meets your approval then close the pop-up and mark the task done, along with a brief comment saying you approved it and hit o.k.

If it does not meet your approval skip ahead to step #10.

8. You can either click on the little arrow to the right of the task name and then select done from the drop down menu or click on the Done button in the top menu. (However, as you can see, the second option was “grayed out” for me – so you may have to mark it done the first way).




9. Once you mark it done it will transition from Department Approve to Approve.

10. If the task doesn’t meet your approval and needs further edits then you should reject it and send it back to the editor with what needs to be fixed and hit o.k. You can tell them what is wrong and needs to be fixed in the message window as you reject the task.

11. You do this in a similar fashion to marking it done – except you pick “reject” instead.



12. This will then transition the task back to edit, in which case the editor (in this example syuhas) would make the corrections and then mark it done and send it back to you for Department Approval, and this process would start all over again.

The End.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning!

Aaaah Spring! The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom, allergy sufferers are starting to sneeze, and it means it's time to clean. So what does this mean in the land of Collage? It’s time to clean there, too.

As I’m sure most of you are aware, we are in the process of switching from one Content Management System (CMS) – Collage -- to a new CMS called Tridion. Part of that process will be to move all of the content from one system to the other, which is, needless to say, a Herculean undertaking. Therefore, we don’t want any old, outdated or no-longer-needed content on the current site nor moved to the new one – which is where spring cleaning and you come in.

1. Up first: deleting old tasks. Do you have an old task sitting in your inbox in Collage that you can’t figure out how to get rid of? Try out this blog entry, and if that doesn’t work please e-mail webcontent or call the Web Content Hotline: 978-934-3875 for help.

2. Don’t be afraid to delete and re-create, especially when it comes to content or pictures. If there are multiple files of one or the other, or something that is clearly old, feel free to delete them. Some departments also have “Old Content” folders or something along those lines. These are prime candidates to get the boot.

3. How do you delete something? It’s simple! Please just create a task, add all the files you wish to be deleted, and send it along and we’ll delete them for you. If you're fuzzy on how to create a task, then please follow the steps in this blog entry.

Make sure to tell us in the Task Notification that you want these files deleted. Keep in mind there are two kinds of deleting: off the live site (but still alive in Collage) and deleted completely. Deleted content still comes up on Google and other search engines, unless we delete it completely from the server. If you think you might need a file in the future we can remove it from the live site, but it will still exist in Collage (and later Tridion).

If you want to delete it completely from the server, please send an e-mail to: webcontent@uml.edu with the department name, folder name, and the asset name or list of asset names (pages). We will then have them deleted.

4. One last thing: we, like you, are excited about the arrival of Tridion, the new CMS. However, training for it is still months away. So right now all of us should continue to be focused on Collage. If you know someone who hasn't been trained in Collage, please urge them to get training. The training will provide a basis for understanding how to use a CMS, provide greater familiarity with the information on the website and make the transition to Tridion that much easier. Please remind those in your Departments, etc., to review their sites and bring information up to date as soon as possible – making the transition from one CMS to another that much smoother and making it less likely that important information will either be left behind, or old information will be carried over to the new CMS. To sign up for Collage Training please email us.

Discarding (Deleting) A Task


Discarding (Deleting) A Task


Do you have an old task sitting in your Collage Inbox that you’d like to get rid of? It’s a lot easier to “Discard a Task” than you think.

1.Go into your Inbox.

Thumbnail image for inbox.jpg 


2.Select the task you want to discard and click on the task name (highlighted in blue)



Thumbnail image for select_task.jpg


3.Once you are inside the task, hit Reject

Thumbnail image for reject.jpg 


4. A “Reject” Window will pop open.

5. Click on “Advanced”





Thumbnail image for reject-advanced.jpg


6. Another window will open - Select Discard Task

7. You will also have to include a comment (notice the red exclamation point ! - which means it is required) as an explanation as to why your are discarding the task.


Thumbnail image for discard_task.jpg 


Note: you can also roll back any assets in the task to how they were before you started to edit them by checking the square next to “Roll back assets”.





Thumbnail image for roll_back.jpg 

That’s it. This will discard the task and remove it from your Inbox.


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