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Since it was announced, the campus has been eagerly awaiting the roll-out of SDL Tridion, the new web content management system, as well as the website redesign. Web Services has been busy readying the technological infrastructure, finalizing the new design templates and preparing for the transition. Import of existing content is ongoing. The launch is planned for Summer 2011.

Current Projects
The Web team has been continuing to provide the campus with web and other electronic publications while simultaneously designing and implementing the new design.  A sampling of projects includes:

Customized video player used to embed videos across the site

System wide video streaming solution

Access Services parking passes , authorization pages, citation payments and temporary Permits

Electronic version of NewsLine marketing publication

Over 200 campus web sites maintained; 447 internal users supported

Email campaign for Undergraduate Admissions

Forms and online donations for Advancement resulting in @$28k for forms and $87k for online donations in FY11

Mobile web application

Class notes contest submission

Tau Sigma and ODK forms online

Email login page

Research database

UML Today enhancements

NanoEHS website (blog feed, formatting), symposium registration

Athletics Tickets - new info/packages.

Upgraded AD authentication site-wide

Registrar - Course Lookup Enhancements- [zipcode and course title lookup]

Teacher appreciation application

R25 customization and programming

Hawki designs and custom RSS Feeds

Commencement eve forms

University Wiki management and LDAP sign on, request form

Student Symposium application

Facilities reporting tool, room features data entry

CRC Registration forms, online transactions, Rec Solutions setup

Community Showcase form


Visually the design will look very different and will incorporate the recommendations of a web consultant in conjunction with best practices and feedback from the campus community.  default-opt.jpgMembers of the web staff have been meeting with colleges and departments, to develop plans for new content and interactive features to enhance each site.

The web is one of the primary marketing tools for campus recruitment, with much of the focus on prospective students and families. Other audiences will continue to be served with their own landing pages accessed from the universal navigation.

New marketing messaging identified by research conducted by Maguire & Associates also will be incorporated into the design as part of a new branding campaign.

Changes included as part of the redesign:
• Flexible content areas with larger screen resolution to fit more content
• Increased video throughout the site
• Social media feeds pushed throughout the site
• Video enabled flash designs
• Streamlined navigation
• “Explore” landing pages for colleges

Phased Roll-out
With nearly 50,000 pages and more than 200 websites, the implementation will be phased much like was done for Collage, the previous web content management system. 
  college-opt.jpgPhase 1 includes:
• Top level pages
• UML Today
• New landing pages for each college
• 18 new “explore” pages for academic disciplines
• News
• Research
• Undergraduate Admissions
• Graduate Admissions
•  Financial Aid
• Profiles of students, faculty, staff and alumni


Content will be reorganized, edited and imported into Tridion. Images will be selected. Video will be incorporated wherever possible. Web Services is working with the R25 implementation team to pull calendar information into the Tridion design.

After launching, a usability study will be conducted allowing any tweaks to the design to improve the user experience. 


Timelines for future phases will go more quickly than this initial phase. Please continue to update your website in Collage until you are contacted by a member of the web content team. The import of your pages will go much faster if pages are accurate and well organized.


Phase 2: Academic departments and student services will begin over the summer
Phase 3: Administrative departments
Phase 4: Research centers and labs

Benefits of Tridion
After an extensive search of the top web content management systems available, the committee composed of faculty and staff chose SDL Tridion.

Some of the features Tridion offers include:
• In context editing or ability to make changes on a simulated live web page (What You See Is What You Get or WYSIWIG)
• Red lining or version side-by-side comparisons
• Task approval through email client
• Quicker deployment of changes
• Content dynamically generated
• Easily reuse content in multiple locations
• More flexible template design

Training will be conducted by the Web Services team. A knowledge database will be developed – similar to the CMS blog, but searchable. There will be introductory and advanced training sessions. The goal is to make the transition as easy and seamless as possible, while significantly improving the experience for the campus and our users.
Questions about the implementation for your department should be directed to Elaine_Keough@uml.edu.
Questions about the design and technical requirements should be directed to Gerard_Nelson@uml.edu.

If you are having trouble viewing the slideshow about, it is available for download,  redesign-all.pps 

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