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Last night my Intro to Philosophy class went out to dinner at Beer Works in Lowell. It is the most interesting feeling realizing that I had been at UMass Lowell the longest at the table. Putting off my electives until my last semester, has given me a chance to connect with some of the freshmen students. It is very interesting talking to someone who is about to finish their first semester, when I am finishing my last. I started to think about what has changed at UML over the past 4 years. And then I started joking with the freshmen by making these comments in an old man’s voice:


“Back when I was a freshman… You had to plug your computer into the wall to get internet!”

“There was no Southwick dining hall!”

“…Parking decals were free!”

“…You had to pay to get into hockey games!”

“…There was no parking garage on east campus!”

“…UML didn’t own a hotel!”

“…Prof. Johnston (intro to engineering) was still a student!”

“…There was no fence on the University Ave Bridge, just a railing!”

“…Rowdy the Riverhawk didn’t look like someone from Sonic the Hedgehog!”

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