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My favorite holiday of the year is this Thursday. I love getting together with family and stuffing my face like I’ve never eaten before. This Thursday also marks the beginning of Christmas season, which is essentially the end of fall.


Winter brings on lot of exciting things; holidays, winter break, snow, snowboarding. But don’t forget, winter also brings on term papers and final examinations. When we come back to school next week, it will be December. This means we only have two weeks left, and then finals. If you are new to school this year, don’t be scared, but definitely be prepared. Finals are no joke.


If a final exam is your only chance of passing a class, then you should start studying ASAP. If you have done well over the semester, finals are a good chance to improve or maintain your grade. I suggest getting your final schedule in advance, and planning out when you will study for each final.


Keep in mind, final schedules are pretty random, and they can be scheduled and day from Monday-Saturday. I would advise not to load up finals week with hours at work. Try to maximize your studying time. Forming studying groups can help to understand tough subject areas, and also reinforce your understanding by explaining things to others. Try to use your past tests as a guide for about ¾ of a cumulative final.


Enjoy you’re Thanksgiving weekend, but keep in mind that the end of the semester is near. Thanks for reading.

Happy Holidays


Thanksgiving is so close; I can smell the turkey now! Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. My sisters are home from Florida with they’re kids. I have three nephews and one niece, so my house gets pretty crazy, but it is definitely good to see everyone. They are all going to come see my apartment on Wednesday, so I guess that means we need to break out the mop and broom. It is so hard to keep this place clean. All three of us are full time students with part time jobs. Having no major tests this week, and two days off school is going to be fantastic. Have a great thanksgiving everyone!

          I got a real taste of fall this weekend. I worked on Saturday. It was actually the first Saturday I worked since last fall, and as crazy as it sounds, I loved it. It was nice and cold on the way to work, but it got really warm during the day. Sunday I went to an apple orchard, watched the patriots and the red sox play on the same day. So I decided I could write about a few of my favorite fall things.

1.       Football Season: I hate Sundays every other season besides fall. Sunday typically consists of doing homework, laundry, chores, and other things to get ready for Monday, all while dealing with a hangover.  But during the fall, you get football every Sunday all day long.

2.       Baseball Post-Season:  This is a great feature of fall to look forward to unless you are a cubs fan. Seeing the red sox win two World Series championships, I wouldn’t dare miss a game.

3.       Halloween: When we were kids it meant trick-or-treating. Now that we are older it means costume parties, and maybe going to a haunted house.

4.       Thanksgiving: Do I even need to emphasize this one? Wake up and smell the gravy! Thanksgiving is amazing.

5.       Apple/Pumpkin Picking: A great reason to get outdoors and get some hot apple cider. This also leads to favorites 6 and 7.

6.       Pumpkin Everything: Pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, carving pumpkins, pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin muffins, smashing pumpkins,

7.       Apple Everything: Apple pie, hot apple cider, apple sauce, apple crisp, “how you like them apples?”

8.       Candy: Weather you go trick-or-treating or completely overstock for Halloween; chances are you have a ridiculous amount of chocolate and sweets.

9.       Foliage: Just like reason 1 & 2, this is another thing that is amazing about New England. ‘Leaf peepers’ drive hundreds of miles to see the orange, yellow and red leaves. We, on the other hand, just look out the window on the way to work. Unfortunately they just turn brown and fall off.

10.   Cold Weather: The cool breezy weather is a nice change from the summer heat and humidity. It reminds me of all the things I love about fall. But it also reminds me that winter is coming.

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