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Sorry baseball fans, but this article is about my career. As we get into the last couple of weeks in September, things at school are starting to roll. I have a couple of important dates coming up next month. The first is my research project presentation, which will be in Pittsburg, PA the second week of October at the 2009 ACS Rubber Expo. The second date is the UML engineering and technology career fair on October 21st.


Over the summer I have been working on a non-funded undergraduate research project. You can read about it in my previous entry:

The First Part of My Research Project I have been getting a lot of work done on testing my samples. I hope to have all of my testing done by the end of the month, so that I can work on my poster up until the presentation. Another great thing about my trip to Pittsburg is that I will be attending a career fair. I think that a lot of the companies attending are automotive suppliers and manufacturers. This would be good since I have a background in automotive.


The next big date is the UML engineering and technology career fair on October 21st. Last semester, the career fair was a bust. There were only 5 companies that were interested in my major, and only 3 of them showed up. I know that the economy has taken a beating, but I am keeping my hopes up that this career fair will have a better outcome than last semester.


I have a lot of work to do over the next few weeks. I need to get my work done and get my resume revised. Iím doing everything I can to prepare myself for the real world!

Last month of summerÖ


We are now within 4 weeks of the start of school. This is the time I like to spend getting things in order for the next semester. Since my apartment is about 90% set up, I am setting my sights on the challenges that are going to face me in the future. First and foremost is finding a job.


I am in the process of revising my resume. This is tricky, because I will need to change the format in order to fit everything onto one page. This is also a good thing that I have some real experiences for employers to look at. I hope to have my resume ready to go by the time school starts.


 In todayís tough economy, I will need every advantage as I can get. I have seen people graduate summa cum laude last semester and not been able to find a job. I am still struggling to try and graduate with a solid 3.0 GPA. I didnít do too well freshmen and sophomore year, but if I get solid Aís in my last few classes it should be possible.


The last thing I need to do is probably the most important. I need to get organized. This is a simple sounding task that I have always acknowledged but never accomplished. I need to set up a strategy for my schedule, and my finances for my next few months to help me succeed.


I hope everyone enjoys the last few weeks of summer!

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