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Itís the last week before spring break, and Iím sure a lot of you have exams coming up.  I have three, and I just had two last week. Thatís one exam for each of my five classes. It looks like I need to really crack down and study these next few days. I really want to do well on these tests. I have been putting out B work all semester, but thatís not good enough anymore, I need to get Aís.

I had another interview with Residence Life yesterday, and I think it went very well. However the applicant pool is very large this year. There are approximately 300 people applying for only about 120 positions. I have my fingers crossed that they will hire me, and I will find out the week after spring break.

As far as spring break, I do not have any plans. I will probably relax, enjoy a few days off, and maybe get some extra hours in at work. I hope the weather will be cool enough for me to get out snowboarding. I am a little bummed about not going anywhere, but there is always next year. Good luck with your last week before spring break!

Living On or Off Campus...


If you have read my previous blogs, you may know that I live in an off campus apartment with a couple of friends. However, it seems that when this lease ends that each of my roommates will be going their own ways. So at the moment I am unsure of what I will be doing for housing next semester.

You also may know that I used to be a residential advisor in the fall of 2007. Today, I had an interview with Reslife for next semester. I enjoyed being an RA because it made me feel like I was giving back to the school. I think the interview went very well; I have a group interview in a couple of weeks. I will know for sure whether or not I got the position by the end of March. Optimistically, they will offer me a room in a residence hall on North or East campus and end my housing predicament.

If they donít offer me a job though, it will give me plenty of time to search for an off campus apartment and find new roommates if necessary.  I have been reading on craigslist and I found some pretty nice places for about the same amount of money I am paying now. It seems that the farther you go from campus, the less you pay, and the nicer the apartments get.  The renovated mills in Lowell are beautiful; living there would be a great backup plan.

 Iíll be sure to keep you updated on how the application process goes.

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