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I have spent a good amount of time this semester searching for a job for when I graduate in December. This past week I received a job offer at NxStage Medical, in Lawrence MA. The offer is for a six month co-op position, in research and development. Hopefully it will give me a chance to prove myself as a valuable candidate, and I could be promoted into a full time engineering position.


NxStage is a company that manufactures dialysis machines, which are used for people who have kidney failure. They make both clinical and home use dialysis machines. NxStage’s R&D facility is located in Lawrence, only 10 miles away from my apartment. Luckily I will not have to drive 60 miles to work anymore. Currently it takes me about an hour and twenty minutes each way, at my new job it should only take me twenty minutes. Best of all, this position will allow me to get into the R&D half of medical devices, as opposed to manufacturing.


I was once told that an internship or a co-op is a long term interview. I believe this is the best approach to any internship or co-op you may be hired for through college. In today’s tough economy, it is extremely important to get your foot in the door. I am going to work very hard to make a name for myself at NxStage. This way, if anything opens up 4 or 5 months down the line, I would be an easy choice for the position.


I have not gotten all the details about the position yet, but I will be sure to fill you in soon. Thanks for reading!

A few months back I was pretty up in the air about what I wanted to do after graduation. I was unsure if I wanted to go to grad school full time or part time. I didn’t know if I would be working a full time job or an internship position. I had assumed that my best opportunity would unravel in front of me, but now I am realizing that I will need to make my own path.


I have decided that I am going to sign up for 1 or 2 night classes next semester towards my master’s degree at UMass Lowell. I have been actively applying for both full time and internship positions. I have also narrowed down my search field to the medical devices industry. Two of my previous internships worked with medical devices, and I find this field to be the most interesting and the most meaningful to me.


I had originally hoped that I would find a full time employer that would reimburse any classes I took. However, I am finding that the job market is a lot tougher than I had hoped. I am going to stay optimistic, and hope to find an opening somewhere in the next couple of months. But I have accepted the fact that I may not have a job lined up for me right when I get out of school.


I think that patience and determination are going to be the keys to my success. With time, I am sure things will work out for me. I’ll be sure to keep my eyes and ears open, and to keep my head up.


For any of you out there who are actively job searching, know that you are not alone, stay positive, and don’t give up. For any of you going into school now, keep in mind that it’s a tough world. You need to make yourself a valuable candidate while you are in school. Do whatever you can to build your resume, because in the end it will pay off. A friend of mine who graduated recently told me to “Always plan things out two steps in advance,”

Hopefully the economy will get better, and many new jobs open up, but we cannot rely on it. We need to take control of our own futures.


Thanks for reading, good luck out there!

 After four years of hard work and determination, I finally get a chance to prove myself to a potential employer. This will be the moment I have been waiting for. That’s right; tomorrow I have an interview for a full time job. I will be interviewing at a medical devices company in Waltham, MA, for a position in research and development.


The fact that this is a local R&D position in medical devices makes this job a great fit for me. So I want to do my best at this interview. Here are a couple of tips for job interviewing:


Prepare: Researching the company is important. You want to know what you are getting yourself into. If they have given you a job description, make sure you take time to read it thoroughly. You may also want to watch interview videos online and do practice interviews. Anything you can do to make yourself more confident will definitely help.


Be presentable and be on time: Make sure you dress appropriately for the position you are applying for. I typically wear a suit, since I am applying for full time engineering positions. I believe it is better to over-dress than under-dress. Make sure you get directions and give yourself extra time. The last thing you want to do is arrive late or miss an interview.


Show your knowledge: Try to relate the employer’s questions to what the company is looking for. This is why it helps to know the job description; you can tie past experiences into the companies focus. Stay calm, try not to over answer questions, and make sure to make eye contact.


Follow up: Make sure to send a follow up email and reassure the employer you are still interested in the position.


I have some preparation to do since tomorrow is the big day. I will be sure to post the results as soon as I find out. Thanks for reading!

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