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My favorite holiday of the year is this Thursday. I love getting together with family and stuffing my face like Iíve never eaten before. This Thursday also marks the beginning of Christmas season, which is essentially the end of fall.


Winter brings on lot of exciting things; holidays, winter break, snow, snowboarding. But donít forget, winter also brings on term papers and final examinations. When we come back to school next week, it will be December. This means we only have two weeks left, and then finals. If you are new to school this year, donít be scared, but definitely be prepared. Finals are no joke.


If a final exam is your only chance of passing a class, then you should start studying ASAP. If you have done well over the semester, finals are a good chance to improve or maintain your grade. I suggest getting your final schedule in advance, and planning out when you will study for each final.


Keep in mind, final schedules are pretty random, and they can be scheduled and day from Monday-Saturday. I would advise not to load up finals week with hours at work. Try to maximize your studying time. Forming studying groups can help to understand tough subject areas, and also reinforce your understanding by explaining things to others. Try to use your past tests as a guide for about ĺ of a cumulative final.


Enjoy youíre Thanksgiving weekend, but keep in mind that the end of the semester is near. Thanks for reading.



Done with finals, done with Christmas shopping, I am done for the year! I am totally ready to earn some money and hit the slopes! So credit wise, I am now officially a senior, even though I will be taking junior classes. This fall I was a junior taking senior classes. Going on co-op definitely screwed up my schedule. I had my last final this morning in differential equations. That was the end of my last math class, and I must say, it feels good to be done with math. Coming from a vocational high school, I didnít think I would ever make it through the math and science classes in UML engineering. But here I am about to enter my second to last semester in plastics engineering, and the only gen ed class I have left is Chemistry II.  Have a great winter everyone! Iíll keep you posted on my break!

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