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I just got back from Pittsburg this weekend, I was there presenting a project that I have been working on for the past few months. It was a great experience to go to a trade show and present some of my research to some industry professionals. I had a good time in Pittsburg, even though it was cold and rainy.


Now that I am back, I found that I have much more free time. All of the hours I have put into my project every week are now open. This gives me the potential of focusing on my future.


As you may know, I am quickly approaching my graduation in December. As of now my plans for the future are unclear, but my aim is to either be working full time as an engineer in a field related to plastics, or to be studying full time for my master’s degree. I have been trying to work out teaching assistant and research assistant funding, which would waive my tuition and also give me a bi-weekly income that I could live off of. I have also been actively searching for jobs. Two big dates are coming up this week for my job searching: The UMass Lowell Career Fair on Wednesday, the 21st, and the 2009 MassPlastics show on Thursday, the 22nd.


The career fair looks a little bit more promising this semester as compared to last semester. There are about 6 companies looking for plastics engineers, of which 2 are actually hiring full time positions. The rest are either hiring interns or just accepting resumes. Since I am graduating in December, and positions will be opening in January, this gives me a good advantage over the students graduating in May 2010.


The MassPlastics show is a trade show similar to the ACS Rubber Expo that I attended last week in Pittsburg. However, I am not very familiar with rubber processing and technology, so the show in Pittsburg felt a bit foreign to me. On the other hand, I have been studying plastics processing and technology for the past 4 ˝ years, so this show should help me to see where the plastics industry stands today, and also give me a better idea of the local companies that I could send my resume to.


Hopefully with a little bit of luck, I will get some positive leads that will land me a few interviews in the next few weeks. Good luck with your job searching if you are attending the career fair this week. Thanks for reading.


Sorry baseball fans, but this article is about my career. As we get into the last couple of weeks in September, things at school are starting to roll. I have a couple of important dates coming up next month. The first is my research project presentation, which will be in Pittsburg, PA the second week of October at the 2009 ACS Rubber Expo. The second date is the UML engineering and technology career fair on October 21st.


Over the summer I have been working on a non-funded undergraduate research project. You can read about it in my previous entry:

The First Part of My Research Project I have been getting a lot of work done on testing my samples. I hope to have all of my testing done by the end of the month, so that I can work on my poster up until the presentation. Another great thing about my trip to Pittsburg is that I will be attending a career fair. I think that a lot of the companies attending are automotive suppliers and manufacturers. This would be good since I have a background in automotive.


The next big date is the UML engineering and technology career fair on October 21st. Last semester, the career fair was a bust. There were only 5 companies that were interested in my major, and only 3 of them showed up. I know that the economy has taken a beating, but I am keeping my hopes up that this career fair will have a better outcome than last semester.


I have a lot of work to do over the next few weeks. I need to get my work done and get my resume revised. I’m doing everything I can to prepare myself for the real world!

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