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After looking back upon my first year here at UML, I notice that the school gives a lot back to their students. Almost every week, there is some school sponsored event in the common room of each building where students have a chance to win great prizes. I’ve gone to several of these events, sometimes walking away with a prize. Each time I went, they had us sign in with our names; something I thought was pointless. But , contrary to my belief, putting my name down for each event, was useful.  It turns out, if you signed your name into 4 of the school events you automatically get a free trip to six flags! My friends and I have been to about 6, so we were pleasantly surprised when we found out we could all go to six flags, FOR FREE! Such a great way to end the year, plus I found out that I got my room in Donahue that I wanted, so the end of this year is just turning out better than I could expect! Now all I have to do is survive through finals…


I Beat The System!

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So last night was reslife's little extravaganza where they explained different aspects of housing, the different buildings, and explained steps that current students had to take in order to complete the housing sign-up process. Alongside the informational part of the event were many entertainment stations such as street sign making, frisbee painting, foam dance station, and moonbounce/sumo rink.

Rumored weeks before was UML buying hotel rooms that students could live in, but this time not in Nashua. This year, to accomadate the massive enrollment number, the schoold had to buy out some rooms at a hotel called the Radisson, a hotel some miles away that students would live at and take a bus back and forth to campus. At the Beat The System event, we found out about The Double Tree, a hotel in downtown Lowell that is suppossed to be very nice and not too far from campus. They didn't have actual pictures of the rooms, but they sketched out drawings that made the place seem very nice. At the event, students got forms where they could actually request a whole floor to themselves and their friends.

The main event of Beat The System was the raffle. Every half hour they would pick a ticket and the person who had the corresponding ticket would win their pick of any room on campus. There were 12 winners so ever half hour they picked 2 winners, starting out with the 12th moving up to the 1st. the person who won first would get the 12th pick of where they wanted to room, and the person who got picked at the very end of the whole event would get the very first pick. I actually ended up winning! Out of all the students that attended (most of the freshman who live on campus attended) I won 8th pick! Right now, I'm aiming to pick a 6th person Suite in Donahue and then pull my friends in to live with me. People who have suites have the ability to "pull-in" whomever they want to live in the suites with them. A good thing about this is there's also something called room retention. Room retention is when a student that lives in a suite reclaims the spot for the following year. This means that the suite i win from this raffle will belong to me and my friends untill we graduate!

Being a freshman, I feel like I've done so much with this school already, and winning this raffle just adds another notch on the experience belt. I'm so glad that I won the raffle and congrats to everyone else who also won!

Gotta Be Here!

I was surprised waking up Sunday morning to a rush of buses piling into East campus, unloading waves and waves of parents and students. A huge banner carrying the, “Gotta Be Here!” slogan was hung up across the Fox Tower, and it soon became clear that it was welcome day for the incoming students. Seniors from high schools came excited and parents came full of questions. I could see many of my fellow classmates rushing into the area where they served guests food, taking advantage of the free food and avoiding the obligation of swiping a meal plan. I was wearing a UMass Lowell sweatshirt, and had no intentions of being a tour guide, but I had families actually follow me up the Fox elevators and come visit my friend’s room. I didn’t mind it since it wasn’t my room and thought it would be funny to embarrass my friend by unexpectedly show up at his door with random families looking to see how college students live their lives. Campus was pretty crazy until around 2, at which time I believe the tours and welcome day ended.

An upcoming event to note is the “Beat the System” event that is going to be held tomorrow I believe.  This event is supposed to help students learn the do’s and don’ts of housing sign-ups, a process that has me confused. I’m not so much confused of what to do, but just unsure of what further steps I should take. As a freshman, I’ve filled out the application before, but I’ve made friends that I want to room with, and am unsure of how to request them. As told to me by the RA’s, the event should have lots of entertainment and free giveaways, but the most important part of the event is the raffle. Reslife will be raffling off the first 10 spots in housing, meaning if you win one of the 10, you will be the first of 10 to choose where you live on campus. If I win the raffle, I’m aiming to secure a suite in Donahue, an upperclassman suite, and then attempt to “pull-in” my friends.

Important dates to remember:
Housing Deposit due April 17th
Last day to withdraw from a class is April 13th

In a previous post I mentioned being able to upload videos that I took of the Hockey East Finals, but unfortunately, it seems that I left all my cables back at home and won’t be able to upload any of the videos.

That’s it for now, till next time,

Let It Snow!!!


Yesterday (Monday), I was happy to wake up and find that I had received a text message on my phone from “MassHigherEd”. Whenever I get an email in my inbox or text message on my phone with that person as the sender, I already know that there is either a delay or cancellation in school. Who doesn’t love a three day weekend? I had class that day at 9:30AM, so being able to sleep in longer after I woke up was extremely nice.

This weekend my friends and I left Friday to go snowboarding at Wachusett Moutnain, but unfortunately it started raining that night. We had tickets to go for an “overnight” skiing, where you can ski from 12AM till 7AM, which would have been fun, if it didn’t rain. We were already all packed and had our snowboards and gear at my friends house, which was an hour away from campus, but since the weather was bad, we decided instead to go visit Umass Amherst. We all have friends that attend that University, so we were going to sleep over at the Amherst campus. It was a nice experience seeing a different Umass campus, but there are a lot of differences. Amherst had A LOT of people, which is nice, but I like the smaller environment here at UML. The dining hall seemed to have the same exact food and even silverware, but again, was a lot more crowded. Overall we had a fun weekend, visiting old friends and a new campus, but I’m still dissapointed that we didn’t get a chance to go snowboarding. My friend’s car is still packed with our gear, so hopefully we can go this weekend!

If you haven’t had the chance, there’s also a new and more modern looking HawkTalk homepage for current and prospective students. It’s undergone a major overhaul from the last design and looks a lot better, with the latest blog entries and youtube videos created by students.
Heres the link:

That’s all for now though, till next time,


Vacation Update!

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This break so far has been great and a lot of fun, but I am dying to go back to school! I've tried occupying myself with various vacation projects, but it doesn't beat the school life.

The one thing I dislike most about Umass Lowell is the distance from my house. I know there are others who live much further away than I do, but it's still one of my number one complaints. Most of my friends are from the north shore area, so have a better chance of knowing other classmates either from sports or mutual friends. It wasn't difficult for me to make new friends, but many others already had head starts. Also, on numerous occasions, my friends will meet to catch up on each other's lives at a local restaurant or home. While it'll take them 5-10 minutes to travel, it will take me 1-2 hours without snow or traffic! It only bugs me since I have to pay for gas, but it's a manageable obstacle for me. So far, I've met up with my college friends a couple times to discuss the latest news, and just recently had to sleepover because of the horrific weather conditions.

I've already worked a couple days at my new store, and it is definitely different from my old store. Although the names and merchandise are exactly the same, I will only see around 5 customers on average at my new store, compared to the thousands I used to see at my old store. Because of the huge decrease in customers, the workload isn't as great, but most of the shift, I'll stand around trying to find something to keep myself occupied. Overall though, I do like my new store more than my old one. I've gotten numerous phone calls from managers and associates trying to ask me to come back, and I do miss all my co-workers, but I would rather stay with my new store. Since there aren't as many customers and isn't as big of a store, the overall cleanliness is better and I'm not asked to stay till ridiculous hours, like 4 in the morning!

One vacation project I would like to share is converting to Linux. If your not familiar with the Linux operating system, imagine Windows and Mac, and how they're both computers but different environments. Linux is another computing environment popular to programmers and web servers since it's almost impossible to get a virus on it. It's been known to many as the more technical environment to many, but I have found it just as easy to operate as Windows and Mac. The current “version” of Linux that I am using is called Ubuntu, a very popular Linux version that is used by bother beginners and experts. So far everything is great, and I may never use Windows again!

That's it for now guys! A little less than two weeks till move in day, and I can't wait! Till next time,


Capa Concert


The first couple days here, only freshman were on campus, and there were a lot of activities and free things available that was sponsored by the Campus Activities Programming Association (CAPA). There was free food, hypnotists, obstacle course races, and many more fun things to help make the incoming freshman meet new people and feel at home.

                Walking up the stairs to my dorm, I can always see flyers for new CAPA sponsored activities that really aren’t too bad. Sometime in October, the 12th I believe, there is a trip to six flags, but the event that really got me excited was a CAPA sponsored concert coming up on the 22nd of October. Talib Kweli and David Banner are both famous rappers that are coming to perform in the UML Recreation Center, with tickets only 10 dollars! I’m not much of a fan for David Banner, but Talib Kweli happens to be one of my favorite rappers of all time, since he focuses his raps on lyricism and is a lot more political than other rappers. He doesn’t really do “gangster rap” and is mostly known as a political rapper. He’s been around for quite some time now, and is definitely up in the well-known rappers category, so tickets being only 10 dollars for students came as a major surprise for me.

For anyone interested, flyers are all around Leitch and Bourgeois, and tickets are available in the Student Information Centers on North & South Campus. Pricing: $10 for tickets, $20 at the door, and $30 to non-UML students. I believe tickets are available online at www.umltickets.com, but I was having a bit of trouble earlier ordering from the site.

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