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Gotta Be Here!

I was surprised waking up Sunday morning to a rush of buses piling into East campus, unloading waves and waves of parents and students. A huge banner carrying the, ďGotta Be Here!Ē slogan was hung up across the Fox Tower, and it soon became clear that it was welcome day for the incoming students. Seniors from high schools came excited and parents came full of questions. I could see many of my fellow classmates rushing into the area where they served guests food, taking advantage of the free food and avoiding the obligation of swiping a meal plan. I was wearing a UMass Lowell sweatshirt, and had no intentions of being a tour guide, but I had families actually follow me up the Fox elevators and come visit my friendís room. I didnít mind it since it wasnít my room and thought it would be funny to embarrass my friend by unexpectedly show up at his door with random families looking to see how college students live their lives. Campus was pretty crazy until around 2, at which time I believe the tours and welcome day ended.

An upcoming event to note is the ďBeat the SystemĒ event that is going to be held tomorrow I believe.  This event is supposed to help students learn the doís and doníts of housing sign-ups, a process that has me confused. Iím not so much confused of what to do, but just unsure of what further steps I should take. As a freshman, Iíve filled out the application before, but Iíve made friends that I want to room with, and am unsure of how to request them. As told to me by the RAís, the event should have lots of entertainment and free giveaways, but the most important part of the event is the raffle. Reslife will be raffling off the first 10 spots in housing, meaning if you win one of the 10, you will be the first of 10 to choose where you live on campus. If I win the raffle, Iím aiming to secure a suite in Donahue, an upperclassman suite, and then attempt to ďpull-inĒ my friends.

Important dates to remember:
Housing Deposit due April 17th
Last day to withdraw from a class is April 13th

In a previous post I mentioned being able to upload videos that I took of the Hockey East Finals, but unfortunately, it seems that I left all my cables back at home and wonít be able to upload any of the videos.

Thatís it for now, till next time,

BIG Vacation Weekend!

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As spring break was coming to an end, a big event for UML came. I knew that our hockey team was in the Hockey East semi-finals, but unfortunately I wasn't able to make the game because of work. Right as I was getting out of work though, I received a call from a friend who was screaming with excitement. "WE MADE IT TO THE FINALS!", was the only thing he kept yelling into the phone, and I knew that we had won the game. This would be the second time UML has made it to the Hockey East finals, so this was a pretty big deal for us. We would be facing Boston University, and my best friend from High School happens to go to that school, so this was just all one big coincidence. Everytime we had faced Boston University in the past year, the games would be close, and usually ended with the teams only being a score behind, so although Boston University is #1 (or #2?) in the nation, we still had a good chance.

I was able to take Saturday off to go to the game, so I was pretty excited to watch the game at T.D. Banknorth. This was also going to be the first time that I've seen my friends since the start of break, so I knew it was going to be fun. I brought along my video camera and was able to film some parts of the game, but unfortunately I forgot to charge it and wasn't able to get some later parts of the game. Sadly enough, we ended up losing 0-1. It was still fun and a good time, but it would have been better if we had won. The train rides back to South Station was ridiculously packed with both students and parents.

Being only a freshman and being able to see our hockey team go all the way to the finals was pretty exciting, and makes me wonder how far we'll make it in the years to come.

Sunday was move-in day, and usual I came extra early to beat the crowd. I'd recommend coming a couple hours before they say to, I've done it for orientation, move-in day, and everytime we come back for break. By the time I've settled in and unpacked all my roommated come back and are fumbling around and dodging each other trying to unload all their belongings.

It seems that I've misplaced a couple cables for my video camera, so I'll upload the video of the game in the next entry. Thanks for reading,

Thanksgiving Break Update

This past Thursday was Thanksgiving, and a time when most, if not all, students go home. The university was open until 5PM and I had class until 3:45PM. Some of the students, such as the athletes, either stayed all break or came back on Friday. I went back home Wednesday night and was able to enjoy Thanksgiving with my entire family.  Midnight on Black Friday, my family has a tradition of visiting the Wrentham Premium Outlets. We left at 10:00PM, and what is usually a 20 minute drive became a 2 and a half hour drive. I was able to get a couple things there, but going so late was definitely not worth it.

One thing that I was able to get at the Wrentham Outlets, was a backpack. Before college, I was wondering what sort of backpack I should carry around; I didnít want something too big or too  small, too nerdy, etc. For the first couple months I was doing just fine with just a drawstring bag provided by the Student Government Association, but I decided that I wanted a regular backpack to look a little more mature and collegiate like. I ended up getting a backpack with enough space for all my books and school supplies, as well as my laptop. Bringing my laptop to class definitely helps with taking notes, since I can type faster than I write freehand.

Another good thing about going home for Thanksgiving was being able to work. Money is very scarce as a college student, and I was very happy when my old store called me up and asked me to work. I ended up working Black Friday during the night, and Saturday. My paycheck is on a biweekly schedule so Iím waiting excitedly for it to arrive.

I came back to the University Sunday November 30th during the day because my intramural hockey team had its first playoff game during the evening. It was a very close game between us, The Shamrocks, and the opposing team, Couple Beers No Beers, but we ended up winning 7 to 6. I was recently informed that the team which wins the entire playoffs will play the intramural champions from Merrimack. Winning the entire playoffs is kind of a stretch, but hopefully weíll be able to do it. Our next game is December 9th against one of the best intramural teams, Team Compete.

Thatís it for my Thanksgiving update! Time to study for finals!


Update full of losses :(

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Finally found some time on my hands today, so I decided to update you guys!

This past Wednesday, November 5th, there was a soccer game against Le Moyne. It was a big game for the Northeast Conference tournament, and my friends and I went to cheer on our fellow classmates, as weíve done for all of their past games. The game was extremely close, going into overtime with both teams having a goal. After the first overtime period, both teams were still tied, so the game went into double overtime. Unfortunately, Le Moyne scored a goal in the second overtime period, sending the UML team to defeat. All the fans were upset that we lost the game, but the guys did a great job and still have games ahead of them.

The UML guyís and girlís basketball squad held a kind of pep-rally event called, ďHoopFestĒ that night as well. HoopFest was all about the fans, with a lot of free giveaways such as Nike gear, gift cards to local business, and a lot more. They even had raffles for great prizes, and someone walked out with a flat screen T.V.!  The main reason why my friends and I decided to go to the event was the school spirit costume contest. Contestants dressed up in their best school spirit outfit and the first three winners received cash prizes. My friends and I decided to paint our bodies again for this event, and thought we had a pretty good chance of winning the first place 300 dollar prize.

Picture from the Lowell Sun!


Much to our disappointment though, we won second place, which received a 200 dollar cash prize. We werenít disappointed with the cash prize we got since something is better than nothing, but we were disappointed however with first place going to an RA of someone in our group. Afterwards though, the coach of the basketball team, Coach Herenda, brought my friends and I to his office to propose an idea. He liked how much school spirit and excitement we had, so told us he wanted us to create a club called the ďUML BoyzĒ, where the members would go to every basketball game body painted and be the loudest fans. We took tremendous pride in being offered the proposal, but we havenít yet decided if we were actually going to create such a club. The whole event overall was fun and it was great how they gave away so much stuff, a lot of which being very expensive!

The next day, Thursday, was the first game for my intramural soccer team. We had our first game a week before, but the team we faced forfeited so this was our first game we got to actually play in. We played in a gym on South Campus that felt like they had the heat on full blast. It was extremely hot, which made playing more difficult, but we braved on and did what we could. This was the first time many of us played for a while, so everyone was very rusty with skills, but I could tell we all still had lots of fun. The team we faced had all seniors on their roster, while we had all freshmen. We ended up losing the game, and our team left disappointed, but ready for our next game on Sunday the 16th.

Right after the soccer game, me and another player on our soccer team had to rush over to the Tsongaís for our intramural hockey game. Being the assistant coach, I didnít play, but getting to stand in the playerís area in the Tsongaís was still great.  Our team looked very strong and skilled, but had to definitely work on endurance. We faced the champs from last yearís intramural hockey team, and ended up losing, but 3 to 1 was not bad at all, considering they were ex-champs. Our next game is this Thursday the 13th.

On Friday, there was a Hockey game with UML vs. BU. My best friend from high school attends BU, so we decided to meet up during the game. Unfortunately my friend became ill and couldnít attend. BU is 3rd ranked in the nation for Division 1 hockey, so we came into the game anticipating a loss. We actually did not fare too badly against BU, but did end up losing. The next day, Saturday, was another Hockey game with UML vs. University of Vermont. Seeing as the team just played the game before against a 3rd ranking team, our boys looked very tired out on the ice. UML ended up losing the game as well, and the whole week just seemed to be full of losses.

Although the whole week was full of losses, all the events my friends and I attended were entertaining and enjoyable. We were extremely happy with making it in the paper and winning the contest, and weíre sure that the next week will be full of winning!


Till next time


LATE night entry!

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I know itís very late, and I should be sleeping, but I was up late, studying for a couple midyears that I have tomorrow. I hope Iím not scaring any prospective students because most of my friends donít even think that my math and politics midyear will be very difficult, but just to be on the safe side, I usually try to throw in some extra studying in.  Since I was up late and had things to write about, I decided that I would blog about things that happened recently.

This past Wednesday (October 22nd), there was a Hip Hop Live concert, with stars such as David Banner and, one of my favorite rappers, Talib Kweli.  Tickets were 10 dollars if you bought them before the concert and 20 at the door, which is cheap considering David Banner and Talib Kweli are very well known and famous rappers. Since money is scarce in college and I didnít buy tickets beforehand, I ended up not going to the concert. A couple of my friends that did go said it was amazing and everyone at the concert got free Sony headphones.  Iím kind of jealous that I didnít go, but anything that saves money is O.K. with me.

On Thursday (October 23rd) there was a captainís meeting for all intramural sports from 9PM-11PM. In efforts of staying in shape, getting ourselves involved around campus, and just for fun, my friends and I decided to create an intramural soccer team. Last time I played soccer competitively was in middle school, but Iím pretty confident I still have some skills left. The team consists of 7 players, including myself; 3 guys and 4 girls, and our name is ďThe IncrediblesĒ. Weíve all had previous experience playing, so Iím sure weíll do at least an O.K. job on the field. Our first game is this Thursday at 9:30PM, which is late, but Iím more of a night person myself anyways.

Friday (October 24th) was the first hockey game, which is a big deal around campus and to most students. Before the game there was a BBQ, and any food freeing me from my 14 meals a week is welcome.

My friends and I all had all gotten Mohawks for the game a couple weeks earlier, but we decided to shave them off after a while because we didnít like them. Before the game started, we all painted our entire upper body to be true super fans, and were extremely excited to be the loud and boisterous cheerers. Much to our displeasure though, we soon came to find out that shirts were required in the Tsongas Arena. We had our shirts off for 2 seconds before we were told by a worker that they prohibited such activities, but we were given a voucher for free popcorn and soda for our efforts. Putting that aside, the game was fun to watch, almost all of UML was there to watch, including alumni and parents, and to make it even better, UML  defeated Providence  4 to 1.

This weekend was open house weekend and Iíve seen flyers around campus about the different activities. My parents arenít coming up this weekend, but there were some events that I was interested in, so I decided to drag my friends along with me to check it out. A couple of my friendsí parents came, but just going with my friends and without my parents was fun too. It turned out to be entertaining, there were many activities for both young and old. There was free food, horseback riding, a rock wall, free pumpkin decorating, professional artists that did caricatures, and plenty more. CAPA was handing out free live fish in tanks that you decorated yourself, and I ended up getting two fish that I named Tonka and Katie. I was told by an R.A. from Leitch that they had fish as well last year, and her fish lived until May.

This past week was a pretty eventful one, packed with activities. Iím looking forward to my first intramural soccer game this Thursday, and will definitely write about how that turned out. But now, I must head off and get some rest before my midyears.

Till next time,


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