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Hello everyone,

A few days ago I've started a small project about my drive from my city to UMass-Lowell.  What I've done is record my whole trip from the Malden-Melrose line (not my house due to safety concerns) through my regular route (including highways) and into my favorite parking space on South Campus, Lowell, MA.  I guess the cool thing about this video is that there is a winter storm occuring at the same time.  So you get to experience a wintery, slushy ride up to UML.  Watch how landscape goes from wet from the rain to about 2 inches of snow. 

The video is approximately 11 minutes long with some great music included.   My drive is usually 45 minutes long, but it was compacted (I sped it up 4x, so it doesn't mean I was going 220mph the whole way!)

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

I hope you enjoyed it!!!  Please leave comments also!!!  I need some love!


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